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Nikki Bella Solves With A Hunky Model During A Girls Trip To Miami On Total Divas On Total Divas

October 25, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views Nikki Bella is single and ready to mix … yes, kind. The evening's brand…

Nikki Bella is single and ready to mix … yes, kind.

The evening’s brand new Total Divas after being harassed by paparazzi on a girl trip to Miami for Natti Neidhart and Nia Jax birthdays, Nikki decided to to let her be awake and have fun

“Paparazzi hounds us everywhere we go. I will not lie, I do not know how to handle it. I’m in Miami for Nia and Nattie’s birthday.” I want to relax and make it private, “Nikki confirmed.

Private became public soon when Nikki decided to give Paparazzi something to photograph.

“We have this hot hired bartender, so I thought it would be very fun to flirt with him so you know you’re starting to start rumors,” revealed Nikki for the camera. 1

9659002] The rest of the ladies took part in the fun, dancing, drinking and giving the photographers quite the show.

Nikki helped the girls take on a sh own, split into two teams coached by dance experts Sharna Burgess and Brinn Nicole The girls competed in a birthday dances.

“I know only for a fact of how I felt Dancing With the Stars these girls really will love it when they perform their dance live,” promised Nikki.

For Nattie, the dance was less about winning and more about the experience.

“Brie and Nicole and I, we’ve been so focused on our dance routine. We’ve prepared carefully. Win or lose, this has been one of my most memorable birthdays,” Nattie gushed.

Team Nattie kicked off the dance, but it was Nia’s team that really stole the scene and was crowned the official birthday dad winner.

“Come on, did you really think we would lose?” Nia was joking at the camera. “Honestly, this has been the most epic birthday I’ve ever had.”

The birthday surprises did not Brie Bella had a little something too.

During the dinner, Brie decided to give Nia and Nattie a home away from home by flying his mothers out to Miami

“Oh my God,” Nia guessed when she turned to see the drinks they ordered were not delivered by a waiter, but by her and Nattie’s mom instead.

“I’m so blessed in my life,” a tough Nia gushed. “I get work, it’s a dream job and I’ll live my dream every day. None of this would be possible without my mom. just so grateful to her. “

See that Nia and Nattie with their mothers really made their way home to Brie.

“When I’m a mom, I see the two daughters react to their mothers like this, just making me see how special a mother-daughter relationship is and how it will always be so special. I just love it,” said Brie.

After a weekend of drinks, dance offs, fine dining and cars, it was the surprise that Brie got the best place as a Miami birthday trip, the surprise queen and had Nia and Nattie ringing

See all the birthday ones go down in recap the video above!

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