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Nicki Minaj Slams Cardi B, Offer for $ 100,000 for video of their match

Will there ever be peace between these two? Nicki Minaj scored again on Cardi B on Monday 29 October and…

Will there ever be peace between these two? Nicki Minaj scored again on Cardi B on Monday 29 October and revised the physical change between the couple taking place at a New York Fashion Week event last month and gave up new

“Rah really hit the Cardi’s ass badly”, Minaj, 35, said during an episode of ] Queen Radio shows Beats 1

on Monday and explains that it was her friend Rah Ali who beat Cardi 26 during the match and beat the rapper at least eight times.

“Rah smack you so badly that I was angry with Rah,” continued the Bang Bang artist. “You went home telling people’s security to meet you and we let it run for legal reasons. Anyone who wants to pull up the surveillance movie will give you $ 100,000.

Minaj continued to claim that the “Bodak Yellow” rap had previously asked her to collaborate on a verse for her hit song “Bartier Cardi”.

“You wanted me your second single, “said Minaj.” Now you are all loving dovey with those girls. Why did you not ask Remy [Ma] and [Lil] Kim to be on your own? “

But just because things have been tense between the two does not mean Minaj can” Everything we know about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s long-lasting feud

“We can be happy for each other and exist and do our thing and be happy “Minaj Added. “There’s nothing that really does not make me like you like it. You know what we were talking about in the hotel room and we keep it between you and me at the moment.”

Cardi replied with his side of the story shortly after Minaj accounted for his claims from the night. “Here’s my thing Nicki Minaj, right?” She started a long Instagram video. “How do you say? I was ragged by Rah Ali when there are so many footages of that night – every angle – and where do I get ragged by?”

She continued to ask why she would do things when she knew that next day there would be more video of the match. “Second, how do you say I was the wild animal?” I attacked you? “

Cardi concluded the video telling Minaj to” pick one side “and” sensible “because she had previously played victims, and now prays she paid for movies she claimed she already had.

Minaj and Cardi made headlines in September after ending in a fight on the Harper Bazaar event in New York. One source told us Us at the time when their match ended with Cardi throwing their shoes on their rapper before they were released from the event. The new mother had a visible bump over her eyes and later claimed that things were heated because Minaj threw her parenthood into newborn daughter Kulture.

Earlier this month, Cardi – as previously said that Minaj has “taken a lot of shot on her” for a while now “- responded to claims that she had several dissatisfied memories for Minaj at work.

“Dear TMZ … you got me constantly in the blog that spreads false stupid about me without doing you research and even when we say you’re not true, you still push it,” she wrote in a then deleted Instagram-mail. “Yes, you have to get rid of my dk and start reporting on those actresses that you reported because I’m not the one with thank you !! Btw in REAL news my singles” Money “slows on November 26 !!”

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