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Nick Saban's story takes on the internet

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban is famous for using modern technology in his daily life, to the extent…

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban is famous for using modern technology in his daily life, to the extent that the 67-year-old has said he does not receive or send e-mail. At a press conference earlier this week, Saban responded to a question about fans and analysts who guessed his decisions by claiming that he did not even have access to the internet.

“I do not know about any outside noise. I do not have internet. I do not have Twitter. I do not read the paper. So I do not know.”

Does Nick Saban not really have the Internet? We combed through Saban’s least favorite network to see how Saban’s relationship with technology has changed over the years.

2006: Saban refers to the internet as “dot-com”

With rumors that then dolphin coaches would leave Miami to take over in Alabama, Saban said he did not see any chats on the internet saying that he did not would leave Tuscaloosa.


“I do not control what people are saying. I do not control what people put on dot-com or anything else.”


1: Saban reveals a rudimentary understanding of online store boards


“Every time someone posts something on a message card … I’ll start moving with you. I do not know how to do it, but I’ll start doing it. Every day I’ll post something that’s only total BS You can all be mad at wrong information and bad information. “

2012: Saban admits he was an early adopter for recruiting technology

Via the Wall Street Journal:

” Saban also covers technology for his multiprong pitch. He started using video conferencing as a recruitment tool several years ago – early in the life of the software that some players spoke to him using equipment at their local libraries. “

Saban should apparently need internet for a video conference, but he may only take care of all activities in Alabama facilities before going to a Wi-Fi vacation home. Inconclusive.

2014: Nick Saban says he refuses to send texts or emails


“I do not Google. I do not know how. I do not know what you would do. I’m sending not even a text. I do not know how to text. I get some lyrics, but I do not send any. I do not use a computer other than watching movies. I do not do any of that. I do not send emails. I can not get emails. “

Judgment? It seems credible that Nick Saban never uses the internet, or more likely he asks someone else to use it for him. It seems quite unlikely however, that Nick Saban does not have “internet”, provided he still does not use the same mobile phone from his coaching days at the Michigan State.

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