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Niantic begins to eliminate pokémon in Pokémon GO captured with traps


It is not the first time that we see how Niantic stands firm against cheaters who use “artimañanas” in Pokémon GO . Now all those users who have dedicated themselves to pokémon hunting in a more than suspicious way will see how they begin to disappear from their catalog of Pokémon GO creatures.

Then to recognize the pokémon captured with traps in Pokémon GO , the guys from Niantic They decided to identify these creatures by means of a visible mark in our pokédex, as a sign of shame. This changes with the new updates of the game since now these “little monsters” will not be identified, but they will directly disappear and you will not be able to use them again in your battles. You will not even find them in the Pokédex.

We found more information on the official Twitter account of Pokémon GO Japan, where the new movement of the game is alerted.

In order to create a space in which ‘Pokémon Go’ is fairer, we continue to take action against those who use external services to influence the game, violating the terms of use of the game. Pokémon captured using these services and which until now were shown with a “red bar” in the application will no longer be available in the game.

This update has already begun to be applied in the Nintendo title. From now on if you have achieved some Pokemon from Pokémon GO cheating, this is what you’ll find instead of the classic image of the crossed-out creature:

Niantic begins to eliminate pokémon in Pokémon GO captured with traps

Pokémon Quest

Although Pokémon GO continues to enjoy excellent health, it seems that now all fans of the Nintendo saga have their eyes on Pokémon Quest , the new game for Nintendo Switch that will land on iOS and Android later this month. The game was released last Tuesday night on the desktop console of the Great N and has already been downloaded by more than one million players, as reported by Nintendo in their social networks.

In Pokémon Quest the players can face Pokemon wild and embark on exciting expeditions in a new land called Tumblecube Island, a new scenario that will allow Nintendo fans to encounter the first generation Pokémon with a curious cubic shape that replicates far and wide in the new game of the great N.