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NFL week 8 Rating: Jameis Winston gets an “F” for break Seahawks gets an “A”

October 29, 2018 Sports 0 Views If it's a relationship, friendship or old pair of jeans, we've probably all held…

If it’s a relationship, friendship or old pair of jeans, we’ve probably all held something longer than we probably should have, and it starts to feel like Buccaneers does with Jameis Winston.

It’s easy to see why Bucs does not want to give up Winston: He’s a former number 1 who chose who would be the team’s quarterback in the future. If Winston has proved a thing this season, it’s probably he would probably not be the first quarterback for Buccaneers anymore, and if it was not clear to Buc’s coach Dirk Koetter before this week, you’d think it became clear after Winston’s four-beat meltdown during Tampa Bay’s 37-34 loss to Bengals on Sunday.

Winston alone cost the Tampa game and he did it by throwing interceptions that no NFL quarterback would ever throw. For example, this first quarter was hit directly in Shawn Williams hands.

You can always overlook a mistake, but with Winston, it’s never a mistake, because these things always seem to come in clumps. Winston has played in four matches this season and he has thrown several interceptions in each individual game.

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In fact, with 1

0 choices of the year, Winston is now tied to the NFL lead in interceptions, which is even worse considering the fact that he was interrupted for the first three games of the season. Basically he is played in three smaller games, but has more interceptions than anyone else.

Winston’s cruel listener to Bengals was not the one he threw to Williams. No. His fullest interception came in the third quarter when he threw a pick-six to Bengal’s security Jessie Bates who put Buccaneers behind 34-16.

After seeing Winston throwing the pick-six, Koats finally decided to bribe Winston and insert Ryan Fitzpatrick, which was when Fitzmagic happened. With Fitzpatrick on the field, Bucs returned and tied the match after 34 after 34-16 in the second half.

Although Fitzpatrick did not lead Bucs to victory, he definitely looked like the better quarterback in the field and that’s how it looks the whole season. For eight weeks, Buccaneer’s offense has looked better with Fitzpatrick who runs it. But that does not necessarily mean he’s going to start.

Despite Winston’s constant fights, Bucs continues to stand by him and that is exactly what Koetter did after the loss in Cincinnati.

After looking at his first quarterback throwing 10 interceptions in the last four weeks, Koetter refused to talk about his potential quarterback controversy.

“We do not need to talk about it “, Koetter said about who his potential begins QB forward, via Athletic. “Today is not the day I have to decide it right? I have no trouble making decisions and I will do it when time is right, but now it’s probably not time to do it.”

It’s good if Koetter does not want to make the decision now, but it will not be good if he makes the same mistake twice. He already leaned Fitzpatrick once and if he let Winston continue to start work after Sunday’s debacle, his coaching seat in Tampa will go from hot to bark if Winston continues to fight.

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If Bucs is stuck with Winston, they will owe him $ 20.9 million in pay for next season which is a lot of money to pay a quarterback that has only gone 4-12 in his past 16 starts . Winston might find success elsewhere, but it seems quite clear that things will not work out in Tampa no matter how difficult Bucs wants it to happen. Although we know that Fitzpatrick is not the future back in Tampa, it does not feel like Winston is either.

Philadelphia 24-18 over Jacksonville in London

Eagles: B

The Eagles came to an ugly start in England where Carson Wentz turned the ball over to each of Philly’s first two possessions, but he made up for The latter in the game by throwing three touchdown passes, which seems to be a magic number for the eagles. The eagles are now 8-0 when Wentz throws three or more touchdown passes in one game. Sure Wentz was not the only player who came up big. Chris Long recorded two of Philadelphia’s four sacks, as the eagle defense spent the better part of four quarters that harassed Blake Bortles.

Jaguars: C

The good news for Jacksonville on Sunday is that Blake Bortles was not bent. On the other hand, the bad news was everything else. Newly-acquired Carlos Hyde (six yards at 11 meters) did nothing to help Jaguar’s jumping game, Jag’s offensive was absolutely terrible in the first half (only 93 total laps) and Jacksonville defense still can not stop anyone. As for Bortles, it’s good that he was not bent because he not only threw 286 meters, but he also led the team in rush by 43 meters. Of course, it’s not necessarily a good thing: The Jags is only 2-11 all-time when Bortles completes a game as the team’s leading rusher.

Pittsburgh 33-18 over Cleveland

Browns: D

Browns actually led this game 6-0 in others before the wheels began to fall off the wagon. After taking the lead, they went to a complete breakdown: They missed a field goal in the second quarter, Baker Mayfield struck a whip that Pittsburgh eventually became a touchdown during the same quarter and Steelers recorded a security in the third quarter. Browns seems to find a new way of losing on the road every week, which probably helps explain why they lost 25 straight road games, a total of just one of the NFL record.

Steelers: B

James Conner does his best to make everyone in Pittsburgh forget about Leon’s Bell. Steeler’s backpack exploded for 146 meters rushing and two touchdowns, which was particularly impressive, as it marked fourth time this season that he has gone over 100 yards and made two touchdowns in one game. Guess who never did it four times in a season, or even four times throughout his career?

Of course, Steelers needed every farm Conner had to offer and it was because Pittsburgh made several mistakes in this game, including two sales. Steelers also missed the ball on an odd game after Ryan Switzer forgot to drop the free kick from Cleveland after Pittsburgh recorded a security.

Seattle 28-14 Over Detroit

Seahawks: A

Seahawk’s crimes are basically unstoppable when Russell Wilson is on fire and Russell Wilson fires against the lion. Wilson, who just threw three incomplete passes (14 of 17) finished with 248 meters and three touchdowns. Wilson also did a great job to get all involved, including players you have never heard of, like David Moore. Moore, a seventh round choice from the 2017 NFL Draft, caught four passes for 97 meters and a touchdown. The Seahawks also got a big performance from Chris Carson, who rushed for 105 yards and a touchdown. The Seahawks could not make a mistake in this game and nothing was more proof of it than when they converted a fake point from their own end zone.

With nine laps on that game, Seahawks rifle Michael Dickson had nearly as many rides as the lions did throughout the game (32).

Lions: D

One week after exploding for 248 meters, the Lions rushing attack returned to hibernation against Seahawks. Kerryon Johnson was limited to just 22 meters on the ground in a game where the lion reached just 34, which is a terrible number, also for Detroit. The Lions had committed three ugly sales. Two of them came from Matthew Stafford, who lost a fumble in Seahawk’s territory, and also threw a whistle after the Lions drove down to Seattle’s 4-yard line. Ameer Abdullah also lost a fumble on a kickoff, as Seahawks eventually became a touchdown. It was an ugly view at home for a Lions team who now has to pave the way for two straight games.

Kansas City 30-23 over Denver

Broncos: B-

Broncos made many mistakes in this game, something you absolutely can not do when trying to win a shooting game against Kansas City. Two of the biggest mistakes came from Case Keenum and they both came in the fourth quarter. With Broncos succeeding 30-20 in fourth, Keenum turned the ball over to two consecutive possessions (lost fumla, intercept). Bronco’s fourth quarter fight overshadowed an impressive performance from a Denver rushing attack that reached 189 meters.

Chiefs: B

We seem to talk about Chiefs offensive every week, so instead we will use this game to talk about Dee Ford. Ford abused Bronco’s offensive line of three sacks, including a fourth quarter sack where he caused a Case Keenum fumla as Kansas City recovered. In total, Keenum kicked five times. Offensive, Patrick Mahomes (303 meters, four touchdowns) found someone to throw in addition to Tyreek Hill and that player was Sammy Watkins. Watkins caught eight passes for 107 yards and two touchdowns in the victory.

Carolina 36-21 over Baltimore

Ravens: D

Last week, Justin Tucker, who inevitably costs Ravens a game this week was Baltimore’s defense. Rav’s defense gave up 36 points and 154 rushing yards, which were both season-highs. Baltimore entered Sunday’s game with No. 1 ranked defense in NFL. Of course, the defense did not receive any help from a Ravens offense that made the ball over three times. The three sales ended to lead to 13 points for the pants.

Panthers: A

Cam Newton put on his Superman cape and carried the Panthers a victory over NFL’s best defense. Newton cast not only 219 yards and two touchdowns, but he also led the team in rush by 52 meters and another point on the ground. Newton also received some help from rookie wide receiver D.J. Moore, who showed that he is more than a broad recipient. Moore was 129 meters from scrimmage, which came in the form of 39 rushing yards and 90 receiving yards.

Chicago 24-10 over New York Jets

Jets: D

This loss was an all-round fault for the jets, who managed to look bad in almost every aspect of the game. Their quarterback completed less than 50 percent of his passages (14 of 29), no rushing for more than 25 yards and Bears steamrolled New York’s defense for 179 rushing yards. Even their points fought with four of their eight points that went 40 meters or less.

Bears: B +

Bears did not have Khalil Mack, but obviously they did not need him because they could completely shut down the jets break with their star pass rusher on the sideline. With Mack out, the Bears defense could still stifle the jet, which restricted New York to only 57 meters on the ground and 207 total laps. From a yardage point of view, it was Bears best defensive performance for the season. Offensive, Bears two-headed attack by Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard had their way with the jets defense. Cohen was 110 meters and a touchdown while Howard finished 81 meters rushing and a touchdown.

Washington 20-13 over the New York Giants

Redskins: B +

Two months ago, nobody wanted to beat Adrian Peterson, and now he slammed the opposition and led his team to victory. When Alex Smith fought, the red skins turned to their 33-year-old springback, who was more than happy to carry the cargo to the giants. Peterson carried the ball 26 times for 149 yards and a touchdown, totaling that includes a 64-yard score in the fourth quarter as the iced game. Peterson also did a TD pass, which is remarkable since it was the first time since 2013 that he has been on the receiving end of a touchdown. Defensively, Matt Ioaniddis had 2.5 sacks that the Red Skinn beat Eli Manning for a total of seven sacks.

Giants: D

This game was a disaster around for a giant crime that might have finally hit the bottom after a few weeks of floating there. Saquon Barkley was under 40 meters, Eli Manning threw two interceptions and when he did not throw interceptions he was dismissed. Redskinsna sacked Manning a total of seven times, marking most of the bags the giants have been handed over since October 2014. At this time, the only game seems to work what Manning hurts up to Odell Beckham. Beckham ended with 136 receiving laps, which accounted for about 45 percent of Giants 303-yard offensive production in the game.

Cincinnati 37-34 over Tampa Bay

Buccaneers: F for Jameis, but A Fitzpatrick A

The Fitzmagic Mattritt continued for Bucs on Sunday as Ryan Fitzpatrick almost had to carry Tampa back from a 34-16 deficit . After Winston bent in the third quarter, Fitzpatrick came in and worked with his magic, went 11 by 15 for 194 meters and two touchdowns in less than two quarters of the work. The Buccaneers actually linked this game to 34 after Fitzpatrick beat O.J. Howard with an 18-yard touchdown pass with just 1:05 left to play.

Bengals: B-

After playing a first half “A +”, Bengal’s offensive definitely disappeared in the second half. One major reason why Bucs could return is that Bengals went three and out on his first four possessions in the second half, they did not get their first first in the half until it was under five minutes to play in the game.

Indianapolis 42-28 over Oakland

Colts: A

Before last week, Andrew Luck has never received at least 200 meters of running support in one game and now it has happened twice in a row. Colts offensive line bulldozed Raiders the front seven and paved a ladder that made Marlon Mack rush for 132 yards and two touchdowns. Colts 222 rushing yards overall was the team’s highest total since 2007. With the running game that clicked on all the cylinders, things opened for Luck, who threw for 239 yards and three touchdowns. We should also mention Adam Vinatieri, who scored 10 points and is now leading score in the NFL story.

Raiders: C

The good news for Derek Carr in this game is that Jon Gruden definitely will not be able to blame him for the loss. Carr had a big day that included three matching touchdowns and his first career-kicking touchdown (that’s right, Carr went through the first four and a half seasons of his career without a rushing touchdown). Unfortunately for Oakland, Raider’s defense was as bad as Carr was good. They could not stop Colts third down (Indy converted 9 out of 13), they could not push Andrew Luck and they could not stop driving. When you can not do the three things you will almost always lose.

Los Angeles Rams 29-27 across Green Bay

Packers: B +

The packers played an almost perfect game, but they lost to a large extent a big mistake in the end. After Rams took a 29-27 lead at 2:09 left, Aaron Rodgers never got a chance for a game-winning unit because Ty Montgomery fumed away the subsequent kickoff. One big reason that Packers could stay close is because of Davante Adams (five catches, 133 meters) and a Green Bay defense that fired Jared Goff five times. The packs forced Rams to die seven times in this game, which is amazing considering the rams had only been forced to tip eight times the whole season before Sunday.

Rams: B +

Ramsna has many weapons on the field and they needed each of them to fight for a feisty Packers team. Jared Goff threw for 295 yards and three touchdowns in a game where he went toe-to-toe with Aaron Rodgers. Of course, Goff has a weapon that Rodgers definitely does not have and that’s Todd Gurley. Gurley played a major role in the Rams win with 195 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Oh, and let’s not forget Aaron Donald, who twice slapped Rodgers.

Arizona 18-15 over San Francisco

49ers: B-

After closing the cardinals in three quarters, the 49ers defender blown a 15-3 lead during a total collapse during the last 11 minutes of the game. Offensive 49ers had no kind like C.J. Beathard completed with less than 200 meters passes (190). The ground game was not much better as Matt Breida led the team with just 42 meters. The most embarrassing part of 49’s crimes could have been the fact that the game ended on a bad shotgun with the 49ers holding a timeout and just yards away from field targets.

Cardinals: B

At the age of 35, Larry Fitzgerald can still dominate an NFL game. Fitzgerald had its biggest season play on Sunday with eight receptions for 107 meters. The ageless also came up with two big gigs in the fourth quarter with a touchdown catch and a two-point transition after a Christian Kirk-touchdown capture. The cardinals have not been good this season, but if there is one thing they are doing well, it’s beating 49ers. Arizona is 2-0 against 49ers but 0-7 against everyone else this year.

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