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NFL Week 8 early odds: Packers opens as biggest underdog of Aaron Rodger's start QB career

October 22, 2018 Sports 3 Views It's not often that Aaron Rodgers plays in a game where his team is…

It’s not often that Aaron Rodgers plays in a game where his team is a huge underdog, but it’s just what happens this week when Packers travels to Los Angeles.

In the early odds of week 8, Packers has opened as a 8.5-point underdog to Rams, which is mostly remarkable because it is linked to the largest regular seasonality range Rodgers has ever met. The only second time Rodgers was an underdog of at least 8.5 points came in September 2014, when Packers was an 8.5-point underdog to the Seahawks in a game they would lose 36-16. If the spread in the Rams game moves to nine points, it will be the biggest point spread we have ever seen in a game involving Rodgers.

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To put in perspective how rare this is, Packers has been a regular season undermining at least five points a total of four times with Rodgers, including the Rams game and the Seahawks game. In his career, Rodgers 1

-3 is both straight up and against the spread (ATS) in games where Packers is an underdog of five or more points.

The reason that Rodgers and Packers are so big underdogs is that they will run into a buzz saw, called Rams. Ramsna is 3-0 home this season and has won the three games with an average of 17.7 points.

On the flip side you have Packers, who are worried 0-2 on the road with Lions and Redskins losses.

Although the frames do not cover, they always seem to win in games where they are favored large. Since Sean McVay took over as a coach in 2017, Rams has favored five or more points 11 times, with Rams walking 11-0 straight up and 6-5 ATS. Rams has been favored with at least 6.5 points in each game this season and runs 2-4 ATS.

There are only two teams in week 8 that opened as bigger underdogs than Packers. To find out who these teams are, let’s get to the rest of the early odds.

NFL Week 8 early odds

(All rows from Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook all games on Sunday, unless noted. Please note that the tip you see below represents opening odds for week 8 For the most The current line of each game can be clicked here.)

Dolphins (4-3) on Texans (4-3), Thursday

Opening Row: Texans -7.5

After starting 0-3, the Texans are suddenly linked to the longest winning stretch in AFC with four straight. Despite the gains, Texans has not been good at covering the spread. They are 2-2 ATS during their four-match win and only 2-8 ATS in their over 10 games that go back to last season. The Texans have also been horrid in Thursday evening games, leaving only 1-6 both ATS and straight up since 2010. Not to mention, they are 0-3 ATS home this season. In the case of dolphins, they are 0-3 both straight and ATS on Thursdays since 2015 and on average have an odd 4.7 points per game in these games. The dolphins are also only 1-7 full time against the Texans.

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Eagles (3-4) vs Jaguars (3-4) in London

Opening Row: Eagles -3

If there is a rule with London games it seems to be: Pay always the favorite to win straight up. Since the international series started in 2007, the favorite team has gone 17-5-1 straight up and 14-9 ATS, which fits well with the eagles. Of course, if there is a team that you do not want best in London, it’s the Jaguars. The Jags has been an underdog in three straight London games and not only has they covered, but they have won all three matches immediately. That said, Jags is only 4-16 both straight and ATS in their over 20 games against NFC. As for the eagles, this game will mark its first trip to London. The eagles are only 2-5 ATS this season, which is linked to the worst brand in NFL.

Jets (3-4) on Bears (3-3)

Opening Line: Bears -6

Betting on Bears can be quite risky when favored by this lot. Since 2014, the bears have been favored by six or more points three times and not only have they failed to cover, but they have lost all three matches, even earlier this year when they lost the dolphins 31-28 as a 7.5-point favorite. Including that loss, the bears 0-2 are both straight up and ATS when they play AFC East this year. In the case of the jets they have fought against the NFC, 2-7 since the beginning of the 2016 season (4-5 ATS). Jetsna is also 0-10 in their over 10 games where they are an underdog of six or more points (4-6 ATS).

Buccaneers (3-3) in Bengals (4-3)

Opening Row: Bengals -6

It’s not often that the Bengals are a big favorite, but when they are, they usually cover. In Andy Dalton’s career, the Bengals have been favored by six or more points a total of 26 times and they have gone 22-3-1 in these matches straight up (16-9-1 ATS). Bengals are also 7-2-1 straight in their over 10 home teams against teams from NFC (6-3-1 ATS). In the case of Bucs, they are not just a safe team to bet at right now. Tampa is 0-4 ATS in its four matches. Bucs, however, has been unstoppable in Cincinnati, where they have not lost since 1989.

Seahawks (3-3) at Lions (3-3)

Opening Lines: Lions -2.5

Lions -2.5

Lions -2.5 [19659002] When Seahawks is an underdog, they tend to fight. Since the beginning of the 2017 season, Seahawks has been an underdog 11 times and in these games they have gone 3-8 straight and 4-6-1 ATS. As regards the lion, they have been one of the safest investments in NFL this year. Detroit has not only covered four straight games, but they have covered in seven of the last nine that go back to last season. The Lions are 5-1 ATS a year, which is the second best brand in NFL, behind only Chiefs.

Broncos (3-4) at Chiefs (6-1)

Opening Line: Chiefs -9

Games at Chiefs have basically been free money this year. In seven weeks, the managers are 7-0 ATS, which is the best brand in NFL. The managers have also covered the spread of 11 straight games that go back to last season, and if you think it’s impressive, they’ve been almost as good to AFC West. In their over 15 division games, Chiefs 14-1 are straight-up and 12-3 ATS. In the case of Broncos, they have lost six straight to Kansas City and have not been covered in any of these games, including a game earlier in the season where the managers qualify as a 3.5-point favorite in a 27-23 victory. This game only marks the third time in the last 10 years as Broncos has been a nine-point or two-point underdog. They are 0-2 both straight and ATS in those games.

Redskins (4-2) at Giants (1-5)

Opening Row: Redskins -1

To cover the spread, the giants are one of the most unpredictable layers in the NFL. Even though they are only 2-8 straight up in their over 10 games, they are 5-5 ATS. Of course, these numbers can improve with Redskins coming to town. Over the last five years, the giants 7-3 are against Redskins both straight up and ATS. At Redskin’s end, they are only 2-6 both straight and ATS in their over eight matches against division opponents and the total includes Washington’s 20-17 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday.

Browns (2-4-1) at Steelers (3-2-1)

Opening Row: Steelers -7.5

If there is something Browns can not figure out, it’s how to beat Ben Roethlisberger. Since Big Bens rookie 2004, Browns has gone 3-25-1 straight up to Steelers. Despite the bad record they have done a decent job to cover the spread of Pittsburgh, which runs 16-12-1 ATS in the 29 matches. Browns is also 3-0-1 ATS in his past four matches against Steelers, including the 21-21 tie of the year when Steelers favored 3.5. Overall, Brown’s 5-2 ATS is the season, which is the third best brand in the NFL. The Steelers will come into this game by hello, which may be good news for Browns. Over the past five years, Steelers has gone 1-4 ATS after a bye (2-3 straight up). Steelers has not covered a game a week after a bye since 2013.

Ravens (4-3) on Panthers (4-2)

Opening Row: Picking

When It Will Be play team from AFC, Carolina has been on the roll. Not only have the panthers won six straight matches against the AFC team, but they have also gone 5-1 ATS in those games. On the other hand, Ravens has been fighting for NFC teams, only 3-7 goes straight up and ATS in their last 10 games against the conference. With this game being a pick, the biggest difference may be the fact that it is played in Carolina. The pants have won eight straight games at home that go back to last season.

Colts (2-5) on Raiders (1-5)

Opening Line: Colts -1.5

If there is one place, Colts always seems to struggle, it’s the west coast. Over the past five years, Colts has played four matches in the Pacific and they have gone 0-4 both straight up and ATS. For some reason, Colts also seems to fight in October road games. Since Andrew Luck’s rookie in 2012, Colts has gone 4-10 straight up in October road games (5-8-1 ATS). In the case of Raiders, they are 1-9 straight in their over 10 games and they are 2-4 ATS in the season, which is bound to the fourth worst brand in the NFL.

Packers (3-2-1) at Rams (7-0)

Opening Line: Rams -8.5

Yes, Ramsna is undefeated, but they have had trouble covering the spread this year. Ramsna is 4-3 ATS in the season, including only 1-3 ATS in their four matches. In the case of Packers, they have lost four straight on the road that goes back to last season and did not cover any of these games. The biggest upside side of the Packers in this game may be the fact that Aaron Rodgers has never lost to Rams (4-0) and he is covered every time he faces them.

49ers (1-6) on Cardinals (1-6)

Opening Row: Pick & Em;

Since you only need to choose a winner in this game, all you need to know is that the cardinals dominated this series in the last three years. Since 2015, the cardinals have gone 7-0 against 49ers and the total includes a week 5 game where Arizona is covered as a 3-point underdog in a 28-18 win. That game still represents the year’s single year’s win. The 49ers have lost five straight and are 2-5 ATS this year, which is linked to the worst brand in NFL. The cardinals are 3-1-1 ATS in the last five matches.

Saints (5-1) at Vikings (4-2-1)

Opening Row: Vikings -2.5

The last time we saw these two teams in the same field, they lost Saints on one of the Most unlikely touchdown passes full time.

Minneapolis Miracle was actually Saints second loss to the Vikings last season. The two teams also played in week 1, with Minnesota covering as a 3-point favorite in a 29-19 win. Although Minnesota has won two matches over the Saints in the last 13 months, none of them were played in October, apparently when the Saints are unbeatable. In the last 15 games played in October, the Saints have gone 13-2 straight up and a fantastic 14-1 ATS. New Orleans October magic will be tested at the US Bank Stadium, where the vikings are 9-2 since the start of last season (7-4-1 ATS).

Patriots (5-2) on Bills (2-5)

Opening Row: Patriots -13

Do not be surprised if Bill’s fans get a little crazy for this game due to this Be the first Monday night game played in Buffalo since 2008. The bills have actually been a good home contest since the beginning of last season and go 6-3-1 ATS. They have also been a pretty solid bet when they are a big underdog, going 4-1 ATS in the last 10 years when they are a dog with 13 or more points. The total sum includes the bill’s win over the weekends in week 3, when they won 27-6 as a 16.5-point underdog. Betting on the bills means betting on Derek Anderson or Nathan Peterman, so maybe it’s not so good. As for the patriots, despite dominating this series in the last 10 years – they are 17-3 straight up since 2008 – they’ve had a few problems to cover, just 11-7-2 ATS. In their past 10 games where they were awarded 13 or more points, the patriots have gone 9-1 straight and 7-3 ATS.

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