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NFL Week 12 recap: The Browns showed Hue Jackson they do not need him

The Cleveland Browns have thrived after firing Hue Jackson following their Week 8 loss to the Steelers. Since then, Jackson…

The Cleveland Browns have thrived after firing Hue Jackson following their Week 8 loss to the Steelers. Since then, Jackson joined the Cincinnati Bengal staff, where the Browns won 35-20 on Sunday.

Damarious Randall said during the week “If they do not have AJ, they’re getting their ass beat. “

Baker Mayfield also made it sound like the Browns were not worried about any outgoing knowledge that their old coach may have taken with him:

] And, well, the Browns beat the Bengals’ ass like Randall said they would. They also added style points throughout the game.

Mayfield was in a groove early, and was flashing confidence with this silky smooth play action fake:

Moments later, Mayfield hit David Njoku for this touchdown that probably should have been blown dead. Instead, he was literally carried into the end zone by his teammates for one of the best touchdowns of the NFL season:

For all the times that football fans complain about officiating, I would like to point them to this play. De eneste som står imod det er Bengal fans, og det er fint. Sometimes a small percentage of us have to be on the losing end of something that’s awesome for the rest (see: Super Bowl 51).

Now, back to Damarious Randall for a second. Because shortly after the Njoku touchdown, Randall intercepted Andy Dalton, and only had to go a few more steps to hand deliver the football to Hue Jackson.

Then, with two and a half minutes left in the second quarter, Nick Chubb showed

The last time the Browns scored 28 points in the first half was in 1991. They literally died (in 1995) and came back to life before they did it again 27 years later.

The Bengals spread out scores late in the first half, as well as in the third and fourth quarter to make the score not nearly as bad by the buzzer. Regardless, it was a dominating performance by the Browns.

Mayfield finished the game 19-of-26 with 258 yards and four touchdowns. Chubb, who was previously playing behind Carlos Hyde when Jackson was coaching, ran for 84 yards and a touchdown, while adding 44 receiving yards and touchdown.

Since Jackson left the Browns, they’re 2-1, with their loss being against the chiefs. The Bengals, on the other hand, are now 0-2 since his arrival. That’s not to say the Bengals’ losses are solely on Jackson, because that would be disingenuous.

Though it is funny that he left the now-improved Browns and the Bengals are sliding. The Browns are now 4-6-1, which is the most wins they’ve had in a season since 2014.

Let’s get to the other fun stuff from a busy Week 12.


I do not condone what Cordarrelle Patterson did here by putting a death grip on Henry Anderson’s crotch.

I want to emphasize that scene here is hilarious and we have got to acknowledge this:

at dette var ikke en slags løs scoop eller noget lignende. This is a DEATH GRIP:

Patterson’s a receiver, so he’s got the sticky gloves too. Anderson is honestly lucky he got up from that OK, as far as we know.

Patterson’s postgame quote was incredibly straightforward:

I understand not wanting that stuff in your face. Men hvis jeg var i samme stilling, jeg vet ikke at jeg prøver å gripe og ødelegge dem i mitt grep er den mest effektive måten å få det ut av mitt ansikt. A powerful shove probably would have sufficed.

And in Anderson’s defense, he was pretty much over to the side. But, it happened anyway.

No big surprise here, but Jalen Ramsey spent moments early in the Jags-Bills game calling different players on the Bills sideline trash:

However, that was just the beginning of what became a very heated football game. The two teams came to blows after Donte Moncrief caught a pass over Levi Wallace, with both players fighting for the ball:

There’s a lot going on there, but Leonard Fournette and Shaq Lawson were the headliner on this card. Fournette squared up like a Rock’em Sock’em Robot, and the two were spilled onto the ground:

Both Lawson and Fournette were ejected. A fan also took a swipe at Fournette before he left the field, because that’s what dorks do when they know security will protect them from an NFL player that could probably make them squeal only with their pinky finger.

The Jags and Bills aren ‘Two teams really worth watching all that much this season, but at least there were other forms of entertainment that went on in what ended up being a 24-21 Bills win.

Even Josh all got respect from Ramsey after the game , who had previously called him “trash” in GQ:

…. Ramsey will probably call Allen trash again though at some point.

The Colts should probably take better care of Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck has had his fair share of health problems the past few years. He’s been having a great comeback season, coming into Sunday’s game with 29 touchdowns and almost 2,800 yards.

So the Colts decided the best decision was to put him in harm’s way on this fourth-and-1 play:

The play worked, and I fully believe that Luck is one of the tougher quarterbacks playing in the NFL. He’s also not a little guy at 6’4, 240. If there’s a quarterback who can pull this off, it’s him.

However, I also do not know that the Colts should roll this particular set of dice considering his injury history.

The Colts ended up winning the game on a last-second field goal 27-24 after being down 24-14, and Luck survived without injury. And uh, the Colts have quietly won five games in a row and are in the playoff hunt.

Alejandro Villanueva is out of Piesman eligibility but sheeeesh

With three seconds left in the first half and trailing by a touchdown, Mike Tomlin decided to support the troops by running a trick play to Alejandro Villanueva.

Kicker Chris Boswell received the snap, and threw the perfect pass to a wide open Villanueva:

Vance Joseph’s “COME ON GUYS!” Was a nice finishing touch:

That play ended up not making a difference after Ben Roethlisberger threw a late interception to seal the 24-17 win for the Broncos.

But maybe Villanueva’s touchdown should have counted for more points because of how good It was.

The Seahawks handed the Panthers a third consecutive loss on Sunday in a 30-27 victory. Of all the things that happened in that game, Tyler Lockett’s celebration was the most notable.

He mimicked Allen Iverson’s iconic step over or Tyronnelue in the 2000 NBA Finals:

The celebration was also symbolic of the Seahawks stepping over The Panthers with a tiebreaker in the NFC playoff picture. Of course, there’s plenty of season left.

Chris Carson’s accidental flip was both phenomenal and fortunate

Hurdling is a pretty common thing in the NFL nowadays. You can probably imagine a time or two when Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, Adrian Peterson, or another explosive running back has done it in the past handful of years.

So when Chris Carson accidentally landed this flip and kept running, It was kind of a big deal:

Carson’s fortunate that he landed on his feet, and even more fortunate that he did not get injured on the play. Men den mest imponerende parten er at han ikke så godt som han var overrasket over at han landet.

The Vikings played limbo

Dalvin Cook got his first touchdown since he tore his ACL last season, and helped orchestrate this celebration where Adam Thielen was used as a limbo stick:

That’s a pretty good way to celebrate your first touchdown in over a year. It’s certainly high on the most creative ones we’ve seen in 2018.

Hopefully Mike Zimmer was not a party pooper about the Vikings lifting up one of the NFL’s best receivers as the prop when they got back to the sideline. Knowing him, he probably was … but can you blame him?

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