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NFL Week 11 Rating: Rams earn an “A” for epic victory over Chiefs on Monday, high praise for Luck, Colts

November 20, 2018 Sports 0 Views If you've ever wondered what Coltsbrottet would look like if Andrew Luck actually had…

If you’ve ever wondered what Coltsbrottet would look like if Andrew Luck actually had time to throw the ball, we seem to have our answer now.

After taking a blow almost every time he went to field during his first seasons, Luck now has one of the best runs in his career and it is due to a crime blossoming under the leadership of the new coach Frank Reich .

Colt’s sudden unstoppable crime made a show in Indianapolis with a 38-10 blowout victory over the Titans on Sunday. Although Colts has highlighted the scoreboard in recent weeks, scoring the explosion was remarkable this week because it came against a Titan defense that went into the game giving less points than any other team in the NFL.

The great thing about Colts crime is that Luck now has time to throw. The winner over Tennessee marked the fifth straight game Luck has not been fired. In fact, Luck has gone 21

7 snaps without being kicked, which is bound to the third longest strike in the NFL story.

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The non-free stretch happens for two reasons: The offensive line is playing better and Reich’s offensive requires fast throw, making it almost impossible to get to the quarterback when everything clicks and everything is definitely clicking.

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The bad news to oppose defense is that when you give Luck time to throw, he will hurt and that’s exactly what he did to the Titans in a 297-foot performance that included three touchdown passes .

Luck has now thrown three or more touchdown matches in seven straight games – which is linked to the third longest strike of all time — and it looks like he does not. I do not have any weaknesses. When the season began, Luck fought with his deep ball; However, that does not seem to be a problem anymore.

The 68-yard touchdown passes to T.Y. Hilton put Colts up 17-0 in the second quarter, and then the box was on. If you want to remove the deep ball, Luck will only burn you with shorter passes. Basically, it seems that his shoulder is now 100 percent healed and every throw is back in his arsenal.

When he did not throw bombs to Hilton, he showed his perfect touch as he did on this 14-yard touchdown to Hilton in the third quarter.

Luck was so good to the Titans that even his coach was a little surprised,

“Andrew was just incredible,” said Reich. “I mean every throw was accurate.”

When the season began, Luck seemed like a candidate for this year’s recurring player. Eleven weeks later, it does not seem as though he has the price of lockdown, but much bigger things now seem to be possible. If Luck continues to play how he plays, he can sit in the MVP conversation and, more importantly, he could lead his team to a playoff dock, which seemed almost impossible just five weeks ago when Colts put 1-5.

Everyone in Indy seems quite happy about what to come.

Okay, let’s get to the other grades.

Los Angeles Rams 54-51 Over Kansas City

Chiefs: B

After playing almost perfect football during the first 10 weeks of the season, Patrick Mahomes finally saw death to Rams. Although Mahomes set up big numbers (478 meters, six touchdowns), he was solely responsible for reversing the ball over five times (three missions, two lost fumbles) with two of these switches returned for touchdowns by Rams. Tyreek Hill also had a big game (215 receiving laps, two touchdowns), but like Mahomes he made a few mistakes that he probably would like to have back. In the fourth quarter alone, the Hill bosses cost a serious field position when he tried to return two different points from his own two-line line. Defensively, the bosses kicked Jared Goff five times and returned a fumble for a touchdown, but it was not enough to overcome Mahome’s five moves.

Rams: A

In an offensive shootout, Rams’s defense ended the stealing of the show. Several defensive players came up with Rams, especially linebacker Samson Ebukam, who had a pick-six and a fumble return for a touchdown. Aaron Donald also came up big with two strip bags of Patrick Mahomes. In total, the Rams defense forced five changes, including two interceptions of Mahomes that came in the last 90 seconds of the game. Regarding Rams offensive, Jared Goff came up with 413 meters and four touchdown passes, including a game-winning 40-yards scoring pass to Gerald Everett who came with only 1:56 left to play.

Dallas 22-19 over Atlanta

Cowboys: B

If Ezekiel Elliot’s back is a bit sore after this game, it is because he only carried the Cowboys to another victory. The Dallas offense is best when it feeds Zeke Ball and Elliott got a lot of food in Atlanta. Elliot accounted for 201 of Cowboys 323 offensive laps in the game. Elliott made most of his damage to the field with 122 rushing yards and a touchdown, but he also added seven catches for 79 meters. Falcon’s offensive moved up and down the field on the cowboys, but they just could not put the ball in the final zone, which was basically a problem for Atlanta all season.

Falcons: B-

Falcons held just four field goals and did not get a touchdown until Julio Jones scored 34-yard with less than two minutes to play.

Pittsburgh 20-16 over Jacksonville

Steelers: C

Ben Roethlisberger almost threw this game away before he could quickly win victory from the lower jaw. After putting Steelers in a 16-0 hole by throwing three interceptions in the first three quarters, Big Ben argued by reporting three touchdowns in the last 17 minutes of the game. Not only did Roethlisberger make a 78-yard touchdown pass to Antonio Brown, but he could also make the matching winning touchdown on a farm with just five seconds left. With Roethlisberger out of the mark for most of the game, he received a lot of help from Brown (117 meters, one touchdown) and JuJu Smith-Schuster (eight catches, 104 yards), who bailed him several times with impressive catches.

Jaguars: C

Jaguars took this game out of Blake Bortle’s hands and put it in Leonard Fournett’s hands, and that strategy almost worked. In a game where Joe’s leap 67 played, they threw the ball only 18 times. They spent almost all other games trying to drive the ball down in Pittsburgh’s throat, which worked to some extent because Fournette finished with 28 berries 95 meters and a touchdown. The biggest surprise was probably the fact that the jags could not hold a lead of 16-0 after closing Steelers offensive during the first 43 minutes of the match. Jags Ramsey, the blown line, overshadowed a big game from Jalen Ramsey, who had two interceptions and led the team to tackle eight.

New York Giants 38-35 over Tampa Bay

Buccaneers: C-

Just when you thought Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback situation could not get any weirder, this game happened. Starter Ryan Fitzpatrick was bent in the third quarter after throwing three interceptions against the giants, including a pick-six. It paved the way for Jameis Winston (12 of 16, 199 meters, two touchdowns) to come in and lead almost a miraculous comeback. Bucs lost this game despite setting up more than 500 meters of crime (510), which marked fourth time this season, which is a new NFL record (Lions did it three times in 2012).

Giants: B

The giants are once unclear, no longer so unclear, and one big reason for it is because of Saquon Barkley. Giant rookie rushed for 142 meters and two touchdowns and also tacked on a short receiving touchdown for good measure. With Barkley running wild, it opened things for Eli Manning, who completed 94.4 percent of his passport (17th of 18), which was the highest total of his 15-year career. Giant’s defense took away Ryan Fitzpatrick three times, but it’s not much to brag about, because everyone seems to opt for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Houston 23-21 over Washington

Texans: B

Texan’s defense made several major games in this game and none of them were larger than Justin Reid’s 101-yard sex in the second quarter. Texan’s defense also had its way with Redskin’s outrageous offensive line and put up a combination of five sacks on Alex Smith and Colt McCoy.

Redskins: B-

After watching Alex Smith go down with a devastating bone injury in the third quarter, Colt McCoy came in and almost led Redskins into an unlikely comeback. With Redskin’s subsequent 17-7, McCoy led two straight touchdown units, putting Washington on top 21-20. The most impressive part of McCoy’s performance (54 passes yards and a touchdown, 35 rushing yards) that he almost led the comeback even though he had not thrown a passport in a regular season game since 2015. The problem with Redskins is that damage slowly breaks down once promising season.

Indianapolis 38-10 across Tennessee

Titans: F

This game could not have been more of a disaster for the Titans. The most surprising part of this loss was the fact that Tennis’s defense was attached to 38 points. Going into week 11, Titans raised only 18.6 points per game, making them the top defense defense at NFL. Obviously, it was not much better for crimes against Tennessee. Marcus Mariota was fired four times before knocking out of the game in the second half with an elbow injury. During his time in the field, Tennessee never really came close to making a touchdown because Mariota did not lead the Titans in Colt’s 20-yard line once.

Colts: A +

It’s hard to say what was more impressive for Colts in this game: Andrew Luck, their defense or their sudden impenetrable offensive line. For the fifth game in a row, Colts O-line did not get a bag and Luck took advantage of it by throwing in 297 yards and three touchdowns. THANKS. Hilton also had a huge day with nine catches for 155 meters and two points. Defensively, Colts spent their harassment Marcus Mariota and Blaine Gabbert. Colts picked away each quarterback once and kicked them a total of five times.

Baltimore 24-21 over Cincinnati

Bengals: B-

Bengal’s defense continues to be a disaster. After giving up 500 meters in each of the last three games, they found a new way to be bad by giving up over 265 rushing yards to Ravens. The show marked just the second time since 1979 that Cincinnati has handed over 265 or more yards on the ground. In total, the Bengals abandoned 403 meters of crimes and they are still about to give up more yardage than any other defense in the NFL story.

Ravens: B

With Lamar Jackson, who started the first game in his NFL career, Ravens decided to stick to his strength by driving the ball and then driving it a little more. In fact, Jackson’s 27 berries were most of any quarterback in any game dating back to the AFL-NFL merger 1970. In total, Jackson ran 117 yards, making him the first Ravens player this year for to hit the 100-yard mark. The other Ravens player who hit the mark this year was Gus Edwards, who also hit the 100-mark against Bengals with 115 meters on the ground. Ravens 265-yards rushing in total was their highest since 2011. Defensively closed the Ravens Bengals rushing attack, Joe Mixon holds just 14 meters on 12 berries.

Detroit 20-19 over Carolina

Panthers: B-

Every week in the NFL, there seems to be a kicker who costs his team a game and this week was the kicker Graham Gano. Not only did Gano miss an extra point, but he also missed a 34-hectare field goal in the third quarter. Ron Rivera probably will not admit it, but his decision to go for two after the Panthers left 1: 7 may have had to do with the fact that he had no faith in his kicker. Cam Newton threw for 357 yards and three touchdowns in a game where the Panthers never came to the ground. Carolina was only 56 meters rushing, which is their lowest production of the season (their previous low was 81 meters).

Lions: B-

With Marvin Jones out due to an injury, Kenny Golladay exploded for 113 meters and a touchdown. Golladay’s 19-yard score came with only 5:13 left in the game and proved to be the game-winning touchdown for the Lions. Kerryon Johnson also had his way with Panther’s defense, an average of 5.8 meters per berry of 15 touches. In a game where specialists played a key role, Sam Martin points up for Lions by tying the pants in his own 10-yard with three of his six points.

Denver 23-22 over Los Angeles Chargers

Broncos: B +

Broncos Run Back Phillip Lindsay was definitely not scared of the return of Joey Bosa. Even with chargers remaining on the field, Lindsay still shredded L.A’s defense by 79 meters and two touchdowns on just 11 berries. Obviously, the most game player in the game for Denver may have been Case Keenum. With Broncos behind 22-20 and only 1:51 left to play, Keenum finished five passes for 87 yards on a game winning device ending a 34-yard field goal from Brandon McManus. The Broncos defense was also impressive, Philip Rivers kicked three times and picked him twice.

Chargers: B-

Philip Rivers had its worst performance for the season and it happened in a game where chargers could not overcome their mistakes. For the first time throughout the year, rivers threw two interceptions in one game, with the largest that came in the third quarter. At that time, chargers drove with a 19-7 lead, but the picking led to a Broncos touchdown, only three played later. The ladder’s nightmare kicking woes continued as Michael Badgley missed an extra score in the second half. Although it was Badgley’s first missed kick of the season, it was definitely an expensive one.

Oakland 23-21 over Arizona

Raiders: B

For the first time throughout the season, Raider’s defense actually held an opponent under 300 meters. Raiders held the cardinals in control by closing Josh Rosen. Not only did Raiders count him twice, but they restricted Arizona to only 128 pass patterns, which marked the first time in three years as they held an opponent under 130 meters passing. The two interceptions were great because they led to 14 points for Oakland.

Cardinals: B-

The cardinals received David Johnson, but not much else worked for them in this game. Johnson rushed for a season-high 137 meters, but it did not matter because the cardinals could not convert at the third level (3 out of 11) and they could not hold the ball (two turns). Although the defense in Arizona defended Derek Carr four times, the Raiders allowed marshland to drop in the field for a game-winning field goal in the last two minutes of the match.

New Orleans 48-7 over Philadelphia

Eagles: F

When the eagles go down, they go into flames. Thanks to this game, Philadelphia now holds the record of greatest loss by a defending Super Bowl champion. The eagles fell on both sides of the ball. Offensive, Carson Wentz threw three interceptions and looked most confused when he was on the field. The eagles amounted to only 196 meters, which marks the first time in four years that they did not beat the 200-yard mark. On the other side of the ball the eagles were steamed for 546 meters.

Saints: A +

Drew Brees has never won an MVP in his career, but it can change if he continues to play as he did on Sunday. Brees was based in the Eagles defense in a game where he threw for 363 meters and four touchdowns. With the eagles focused on Michael Thomas, Brees decided to get Three Quan Smith involved. Smith received 10 passes for 157 meters and a touchdown. Of course, Thomas also made some damage because he can not shut down. The holy receiver received four passes for 92 meters and a touchdown.

Chicago 25-20 over Minnesota

Vikings: C

If the coves pay Kirk Cousins ​​$ 84 million to win big matches, maybe they want to request some of their money back after their performance on Sunday night. Cousins ​​threw two interceptions, including a back-breaking pick-six in the fourth quarter as the main iced game for the bears. Of course, the cousins ​​did not have much help in crimes. The vikings went on the run after being behind: They finished the game with only 17 meters on 13 berries.

Bears: A-

Bears dominated from the beginning to the end with NFC North on the line. Defensively, Khalil Mack spent four quarters terrorizing the Vikingsbrottet. During his time in the field, Mack forced a fumble, recovered a fumble and had a bag. Akiem Hicks was also dominated with a bag and five tackles for a loss. The biggest winner of the night may have been Cody Parkey, who could solve himself after a four-misappropriation last week. In this game, Parkey went 3-in-3 on field goals, including a 48-yard with 2:48 left as basically the iced game for Bears.

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