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NFL Week 10 Degrees: Ostoppbara Saints Get An “A +” For Exhaustion, Patriots Get A “F” For Loss

Scoreboard operator in Cincinnati should probably request a bonus a week because the Saints had him do some serious work…

Scoreboard operator in Cincinnati should probably request a bonus a week because the Saints had him do some serious work on Sunday during their 51-14 blowout win over Bengals.

With the victory, the Saints have now won eight games in a row, which is the longest active stretch in NFL right now. Even though New Orleans has had some great winnings during its run, it could have been the most impressive, and it was because it came in the way of an AFC playoff contender in a situation that had all the opportunities for a foul game.

If we have learned a thing about the Saints during this stretch, it is that their crimes are cross-border. If you try to remove a weapon, they have three other weapons to replace it, and the worst part for opposing defense is that Drew Brees knows how to use the weapon in his arsenal as he showed to the Bengals.

Only in the first half Brees played with Bengal’s defense as he led the Saints to a touchdown on all five of their first half possessions. On Saints first point in the game, Brees threw a perfect seven stash of strike to Michael Thomas, who was actually covered quite well by Cincinnati’s William Jackson. Unfortunately, good coverage means nothing when you play the Saints.

Of course, Brees brings not only touchdowns to his recipients, he also loves to throw passes to his running backs, and he did much of it against Bengals. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are combined for 1

04 receiving laps against Cincinnati, with 28 of those coming on this touchdown capture of Ingram.

You know what more Brees did in the first half? He showed up his skills for two minutes drill. After Marcus Williams removed Andy Dalton to create New Orleans with the ball at Bengal’s 18-yard line with eight seconds left to play in half, Brees went to work and it just took him a game to get the Bengals to pay.

It is a surprise that Bengal’s defense also turned out for the second half after Brees carved them during the first two quarters of the game. Brees were almost perfect in the first half, 18 by 20 for 214 meters and three touchdowns (Brees stopped throwing 265 meters in total). With these three touchdown passes, Brees now has 508 for his career, moving him over Brett Favre to the next most always.

Brees could probably have thrown 508 touchdowns against Bengal’s defense if the Saints did not get rid of the gas in the second half. With Saints up 48-7, coach Sean Payton decided to let Teddy Bridgewater play fourth quarter.

The Saints are officially the sharpest team in the league right now and we give them an A + for their dominant victory over Bengal, and you know what, we will also give the Scoreboard an A + as well.

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New Orleans 51-14 over Cincinnati

Saints: A +

It’s hard to say what was more impressive in this game: a defense defense that completely closed down the Bengals or a New Orleans crime that knocked team franchise record for points in a road game. Drew Brees threw himself for 265 yards and three touchdowns while the Saints led one point under all eight possessions he was on the field (six touchdowns, two field goals). Alvin Kamara (two rushing touchdowns) and Mark Ingram (104 rushing yards, 54 receiving laps) also went back with a total of more than 100 meters. Defensively harassed Saints Andy Dalton: They dropped him four times and forced Bengal’s quarterback to throw two interceptions.

Bengals: F

We make so much effort to write this class that Bengals did in this game, why they only get this sentence.

Chicago 34-22 over Detroit

Lions: D

Having allowed Matthew Stafford to be kicked 10 times in week 9, it was not much better for Lions offensive line in Chicago. For the second week in a row, Stafford was destroyed when the bear hit him six times. Things were so bad for Stafford in this game that it actually looked like he expected to get fired every time he touched the ball.

Bears: A-

The bear’s field play slowed to a scream of Lions, but it did not matter because Mitchell Trubisky was on fire. Trubisky threw 355 meters and three touchdowns in a game where the bears rolled out to a 26-0 lead. All Robinson had his biggest day with Bears as the former Jaguar receiver caught six passes for 133 meters and two touchdowns. Yardage total was more than Robinson had in his previous three matches combined (91) with Bears. Rookie wide recipient Anthony Miller also exploded, going out for 122 meters and a touchdown. Minus in this A- is for Cody Parkey, who may have had the worst choice of any kicker in NFL history. Parkey missed two extra points and two field goals, but the twist here is that all four kicks (19459009) got up and missed.

Washington 16-3 over Tampa Bay

Redskins: B +

The red skins were collapsed with several injuries entering this game, but it did not prevent them from tearing out an ugly win. The redskins basically perfected “bend but did not break” the defense in this game. On the one hand, they allowed Bucs to enter the red zone five times, but on the other hand they held Tampa to zero touchdowns. On one day where Tampa missed two field goals, Dustin Hopkins came up for Redskins by making 10 of his 16 points.

Buccaneers: C-

In what can go down as the strangest day in the NFL story, Buccaneers reached 501 meters but scored only three points. That was the smallest point ever made in an NFL game of a team that set up more than 500 meters of crimes. If you’re wondering how that line might happen, then it’s here: Buccaneers drove into Washington 30-yard line in total six times and got away with just one field goal. The other five belongings ended with two fumble, one intercept and two missed field goals.

Tennessee 34-10 over New England

Patriots: F

The patriots failed in every phase of the game in this loss with an ugly display of their crimes, their defense and even their special team. The return of Sony Michel (11 berries, 31 meters) did nothing to spark a patriotic field game that only reached 40 meters. Defensively, the patriots had no answer to Titan’s crimes that made his first three possessions. The 24-point margin makes this game tied to the second biggest loss that the patriots have been left since 2003 in a game where Tom Brady begins.

Titans: A +

Titan’s coach Mike Vrabel spent eight seasons playing for the patriots and it turned out, because he definitely knew how to attack them. The Titans pounded the ball in this game with 36 rushing tries that led to 150 meters. When Tennessee can move the ball on the ground, it opens things to Marcus Mariota. Mariota threw for 235 yards and two touchdowns and is now 11-0 in his career when Titans tally 35 or more wears a game. Most of Mariotas lap went to Corey Davis, who took seven passes for 125 meters and a touchdown. Defensively, the Titans broke Tom Brady, kicked him three times and kept him under constant pressure.

Kansas City 26-14 over Arizona

Cardinals: C +

Someone in Arizona finally got the listing that David Johnson needs to get the ball more. In his biggest game of the season, Johnson moved the ball 28 times, reaching 183 meters and two touchdowns. Defensively, Chandler Jones shaved two of the five sacks in Arizona while the Cardinals held Patrick Mahomes for their lowest fit overall season (249 meters).

Managers: B-

For the first time throughout the season, Chiefs defense can have outshined their crimes. Not only did Josh Rosen judge five times – with two of those who came from Chris Jones – but they also picked him twice, which put one of Kansas City’s three touchdowns. Although Chiefs crime was held in control of most of the game, Tyreek Hill still managed to add some big numbers with 137 total laps (117 receiving laps, 20 rushing yards) and two receiving touchdowns.

Buffalo 41-10 over New York Jets

Bills: A +

It seems that all the bills needed to fix their offensive problems were to play a quarterback quarterback who had not started a two-year game . Playing in his first match since 2016, Matt Barkley broke the jets defense for 232 meters and two touchdowns. Despite being in the team for less than two weeks, it was apparent enough time for Barkley to develop some serious chemistry with Robert Foster (three catches, 105 meters) and Zay Jones (eight catches, 93 meters, a touchdown). Barkley got some serious help from a rotating countdown attack over 200 meters (212) and a defense for bills that held his opponent under 200 meters (199) for the second straight week and marked the first time since 1999 that a bill of defense has drawn it of

Jets: F

This game was a disaster from start to finish for the jets. For one, their crimes went three-and-one on each of the team’s first four possessions. After getting his first first in my game in the second quarter, Josh celebrated McCown by throwing a bunch of games later. McCown just threw 135 meters and he was dismissed three times. The 199 total yards of the jets marked the first time since 2013 that they were kept under 200 meters in a home game.

Cleveland 28-16 over Atlanta

Falcons: D

Forget about their red zone break, Falcons must work on their offensive mission from the 1 yard line. The Falcons basically lost this game early in the fourth quarter when they had three chances to hit the ball in the final zone from the 1 yard line. Atlanta failed on all three attempts and came down with zero points. The fake break was basically a disaster throughout the second half with two sales, two points and the failed conversion from the 1-yard line. Defensively, Falcons left a total of 211 meters rushing, which is the most team has given up in a game since 2014.

Browns: A

If we deleted the Browns’ 2018 draft right now, give it an A + after how their rookies played against Falcons. Nick Chubb went off for 176 meters, including a 92-yard touchdown run in the third quarter that set franchise record for longest run. Chubb also got three passes for 33 meters and a touchdown. The top picking at NFL Draft also had a big day with Baker Mayfield and ended 17 of 20 passes for 216 meters and three touchdowns. Mayfield finished his first 13 passes and did not throw an incompleteness to the second half. It’s almost like Todd Haley keeps Brown’s offensive back because the device has looked much better since he was kicked.

Indianapolis 29-26 over Jacksonville

Jaguars: B-

After driving the Jaguar through the 2017 season, it seems that Jags Defense is now the weak link at this time. Despite 320 yards and two touchdowns from Blake Bortles and a huge game from Leonard Fournette (109 meters, two touchdowns), Jags lost this because their defense could not stop Colts. Indy made a touchdown of four of his first five possessions, when the jags quickly fell behind 29-13. The Jags really only made an offensive mistake in the game and it came late in the fourth quarter when Rashad Greene lost a fumble as Jacksonville drove to tie the game or even take the lead.

Colts: B

Colt’s decision to write Eric Ebron starts to look like one of the most underrated movements in the 2018 offseason. The first first round pick, which only made 11 touchdowns in four total seasons with the Lions, now has 10 touchdowns with Colts after a three-point game against Jacksonville. Not only did Ebron take two touchdown passes, but he also ran into another. Andrew Luck’s hot strike continued as he threw for 285 yards and three touchdowns. The total amount means that Luck is only the third quarter of the NFL story to throw for three touchdowns or more in six consecutive games.

Los Angeles Chargers 20-6 Over Oakland

Chargers: B +

It’s good that Melvin Gordon is healthy because he basically carries the burial burden in Oakland. Playing in just his second match since week 7, Gordon reached 165 yards in a performance that included 93 meters on the ground and 72 meters received along with a touchdown catch. Defensively, Isaac Rochelle spoke 1.5 of the ladders’ four sacks in the game. The charging defense was not perfect in this game, but they held Raiders out of the final zone and marked the first time this season. Chargers have held their opponents without a touchdown.

Raiders: C-

Raiders biggest issue on Sunday was that their crimes completely fell apart when they drove deep inside Ladder territory. Raiders entered the L.A. 25-yard line a total of four times in this game and disaster struck pretty much every time Oakland got away with just three total points on the four belongings. A Raiders run ended when the team failed on a fourth and a goal from the one-yard line. Another run ended because Derek Carr lost a fumble on the Ladder 21 yard line, and the third unit ended because Carr made a terrible decision to THROW AWAY past a fourth down play from the 19-yard line-up. Raiders game in the Red Zone was so bad that it basically epitomized all its nightmare season.

Green Bay 31-12 over Miami

Dolphins: C-

Delfin’s special team came through great time in Green Bay with a blocked point and a fake point that went for a fourth down. Unfortunately for Miami they were not as good in the other two phases of the game. The crime made the ball over twice, including a Brock Osweiler Aviation in the third quarter that put Packers up with a simple touchdown. As far as Dolphin’s defense is concerned, they fought in the red zone: The packers made four trips to that part of the field and made a touchdown of four possessions. The Dolphins had been playing Sunday with NFL’s ninth best rescue service.

Packer: B +

The most important Aaron in the field of Packers offensive was not Aaron Rodgers in this game but drove back Aaron Jones. Jones steamrolled Dolphins defense for 145 meters and two touchdowns on just 15 berries. The Packers defense choked Brock Osweiler with six different players who picked up a bag. The defense also forced two sales, including a fumble recovery on Miamis opening holdings that came after the dolphins had drove down to the Green Bay 14-yard line. The packages have been unbeatable at Lambeau Field this year. Including the win over dolphins, Packers is now 4-0-1 on the season at home team.

Los Angeles Rams 36-31 Over Seahawks

Seahawks: B

With 108 meters on the ground, Seahawk rookie Rashad Penny spat a Seattle rushing attack as a steamrolled Rams for 273 meters and surprisingly lost Seattle. We say surprisingly, because the loss in L.A. marked the first time in franchise history that the Seahawks lost a game where they rushed for more than 250 meters. Before Sunday they had been 12-0 when they hit the mark. Seahawks made only one big mistake in this game and it came when Russell Wilson lost a fumble in the fourth quarter. Turnover led to a Ram’s touchdown that gave L.A. a 36-24 leader and basically the iced game.

Frames: B +

Aaron Donald continues to be an unlockable machine. Defensive linear racked up 2.5 of his team’s four sacks, as Rams put constant pressure on Russell Wilson for the better part of four quarters. Donald was not the only star that came through for Rams: Jared Goff (318 meters, two touchdowns), Todd Gurley (160 total laps, a rushing touchdown) and Brandin Cooks (109 total laps, a rushing touchdown) had all the big games on crime.

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