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NFL Rumors: Washington will not work out Colin Kaepernick after Alex Smith injury

November 19, 2018 Sports 1 Views After playing the first seven years of his career in a San Francisco 49ers…

After playing the first seven years of his career in a San Francisco 49ers uniform, Alex Smith still has plenty of fans in the Bay Area. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably already heard the news.

Smith’s season for the Washington Redskins – at the very least – is over.

Become to the Wise: If you’re the squeamish type, do not watch the replay. Just … do not.

In the third quarter of Sunday’s eventual defeat to the Houston Texans, Smith was sacked by defensive than J.J. Watt and defensive back Kareem Jackson, causing the quarterback to break both the fibula and tibia in his right leg.

As Smith writhed in pain with his ankle being at an awkward angle, it was abundantly clear that it would be a season- ending injury. But in the minutes that followed, an eerie observation was made:

We’ve seen this before.

On Nov. 1

8, 1985, Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann was sacked by New York Giants Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor on “Monday Night Football,” infamously breaking Theismann’s fibula and tibia in his right leg. Washington went on to lose that game 23-21, and Theismann never played another down.

Guess what Sunday’s date was?

Nov. 18, 2018.

And guess what was the final score of the Texans-Redskins game?

That’s right. 23-21.

So, exactly 33 years to the day, Smith suffered an identical injury to the one that forced Theismann into retirement, and the Redskins lost by an identical score.

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