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NFL Rumors: Raiders Gareon Conley attracts interest before the trading deadline

Raidersna has a unique position in next year's NFL draft. They are currently armed with three first round draft picks,…

Raidersna has a unique position in next year’s NFL draft. They are currently armed with three first round draft picks, accumulated from the Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper industry and an automatically assigned to them.

If they use them all, it would mark the 16th time in the joint draft as an NFL team has made three first rounds in the same draft. That information comes with permission from’s Kevin Seifert.

New York Jets sets record in 2000 with four first round choices. Recently, Cleveland Browns 2017 used three first rounds and 2013 Minnesota Vikings did the same.

Raidersna has also been in this position earlier. They used three first rounds in 1988, with great effect.

The chosen recipient Tim Brown (nr 6), defensive back Terry McDaniel (nr 9) and defensive tackle Scott Davis (No. 25) as the season. Brun became a Hall of Famer. McDaniel started 1

37 games for Raiders for 10 seasons and made five Pro Bowls. Davis did not last for so long, but he was a three-year starter at five seasons with Raiders.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden would like to take a similar move, but he must choose the appropriate way to do that. The 2019 first round will set up its massive remodeling, but a slate with lower draft picks that season – Raiders surprisingly gave up a 2019 second round picking in the Mack trade, The Raiders has another two first round elections that will be in 2020.

“Here you have a good opportunity to build,” says Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie. “You have bits you can use to really build on what we have. With the horror and the coaches I’ve come here now, we know where we go schematically on both sides of the ball and special teams, we will build this case . We have the ammunition to build this thing very well here. “

It is obvious that the Raiders choose well. That’s when we can compare what was given away to what was received.

Cleveland Browns did well in 2017, with defensive end Myles Garrett (No. 1), safety started Jabrill Peppers (No. 25) and productive tight than David Njoku (# 29) in the first round.

While these picks can be trade feed to move up or down the NFL draft, Raiders can be wise to go for quantity in terms of how much they need at so many positions.

If the season ended today, the Raiders would have three pickups in the top 17, giving more opportunities to develop top talent. Raiders have recently struggled to find productive talent in the first round. Mack and Cooper were the only Pro Bowl players in the first round since 2004, per AP. In addition, according to the AP, only three drafts pick under the Gruze seven-year job in Tampa Bay, when he checked staff, did Pro Bowl.

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