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NFL News & Notes: Lamar Jackson's first NFL launch

News and notes to know the heading of Week 11 … 1. While the coach John Harbaugh has kept his…

News and notes to know the heading of Week 11 …

1. While the coach John Harbaugh has kept his cards near west, was expected this week Lamar Jackson will start for Ravens on Sunday. Baltimore has been ready for this. Harbaugh, OC Marty Morhinweg QB coach James Urban and deputy head coach Greg Roman actually compiled a presentation before the April draft to show the staff how they had built a system that could work for both Jackson and Joe Flacco . At least on paper should move from quarterback to quarterback being seamless.

2nd One of the guys working on defending Lamar Jackson today? That’s right, New Bengal Assistant Hue Jackson . Hue spent this week working on the defensive side of the ball, I’ll know, and will probably be there for the rest of the season. In the aftermath of DC Teryl Austin s ouster, Jackson gives Marvin Lewis who will halve the defense again, another set of eyes.

3rd I do not give any imagination on Dalvin Cook after what happened this summer (I wrote nice things about him, he was hurt and people did not say nice things about me). But I am told that he is good at walking, limitless, against the bear tonight. We should see the full version of the second year, which is what the Vikings (and many fantasy owners) have been waiting for. Both Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are good to go as well.

4th The biggest difference in Vikings defense games in recent times, according to the players there, has been their focus on playing missionary football. Early in the year, the team’s struggles lead to boys trying to do a little too much. And I expect that Bears coach Matt Nagy with an angry motion and misery will test how far they have come tonight.

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5. The long-awaited return of Joey Bosa is over us &#821

1; I’ve said things like trends against the third year’s ladders passing rusher are up for their game against Broncos. He will be obvious and foot injury can be tricky. But a 7-2 Chargers team that adds one of the best players in football will be fun to follow in the next few weeks.

6th Cowboys offensive line blending bears and watching. The expectation is that Zack Martin listed as doubtful with knee injury will go to Atlanta. Things are less secure on the second guard, rookie Connor Williams . Although Williams is dressing, Xavier Su & # 39; a-Filo who has played well in his place is expected to get started.

7th Washington has tried to accelerate Trent Williams s schedule, but it still seems unlikely he will be able to play with a dislocated thumb. Because it’s an inch injury, this really will be able to function out there.

8th Sammy Watkins foot injury has reached the point where they will leave his status open until Monday, and work him before the demonstration against Rams to see if he can go.

ninth I thought this was an interesting thing for Eagles coach Doug Pederson to say about the second year Sidney Jones on Friday: “He will be a good player for us . ” Philly needs him to be one, with all the wear and tear it has had on the spot. Jones had probably been a top 20 pick if he did not break his Achilles on his 2017 Pro Day. The eagles took him as a futures pick in the second round last April and woke up substantially him last year. When things remain, the better they can get a higher return on that investment (like in the afternoon at Superdome?), The better.

10th Good at Dirk Koetter to confirm his mistake of playing game call from offensive co-ordinator Todd Monken and give it back after last week’s three-point move against Washington. The monk has been a bright spot during a spiral period for Tampa Bay, and should find a home somewhere as a coordinator next year based on it.

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