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Nexon makes strategic investment in Patrick Söderlund's studio studio Embark Studios

Asian online game giant Nexon made a strategic investment in Embark Studios, a new gaming studio founded by former Electronic…

Asian online game giant Nexon made a strategic investment in Embark Studios, a new gaming studio founded by former Electronic Arts and DICE Executive Patrick Söderlund.

As sole strategic shareholder in Embark, Nexon, creators of games like MapleStory and Dungeon & Fighter, will also act as world-wide publisher for titles developed by the new company. In addition, Söderlund, CEO of Embark, has been nominated for the Nexon Board. The nomination will be ratified at Nexon’s Annual Shareholders Meeting in March 2019.

“I think gaming is about to change radically thanks to new technology,” says Söderlund in a statement. “Connected players, large data, speech recognition, cloud computing, advanced AI and more will open up new games, enabling developers to build a wider range of experiences and players to create and contribute. Embark is a group of veterans who are keen to move beyond current gaming experiences in the future. “

Above: EA Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

He added: “The partnership between Embark Studios and Nexon is based on an in-depth view of the future of interactive entertainment and challenging standard conventions and methods of creating. Nexon’s global leadership in nurturing the online gaming world and communities for many years is crucial to our mission. “

Stockholm-based Embark was founded to develop new types of interactive entertainment and simulated virtual online values ​​made possible by the huge technological leaps that have already occurred and are on the horizon, streaming streaming, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. The company will also build its own technology platform to optimize for the new games and experiences it will offer.

“Although online gaming is very big, it’s still just running,” said Owen Mahoney, CEO of Nexon. “Today we are at a major inflection point, with highly advanced AI technology, dynamic computational computing power from cloud, and new user interface options are now offered by multiple vendors and at consumer level. What is still barely is the ability to make deeply engaging online virtual worlds that appeal to a wide global audience that can grow for many years. The design of Embark represents one of the most exciting developments for the future of online games. “

Embark will develop the next generation of online multiplayer worlds, utilizing both its leadership’s proven experience and creating loved global franchises and Nexon’s ability to grow in live gaming worlds for decades, including decades. Both Nexon and Embark believe next generation online games will be deeply impressive simulated realities, with stamina and deep consequences for player actions.

Söderlund was CEO of Stockholm-based DICE, acquired by Electronic Arts 2006. Söderlund has had many leading roles over the years and eventually became Deputy Managing Director for worldwide studios and last served as the company’s chief designer.

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