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News on the Animoji of the iPhone X: more characters and functions

502 Today is the day that all Apple fans have been dreaming of over the past weeks. The WWDC 2018…


Today is the day that all Apple fans have been dreaming of over the past weeks. The WWDC 2018 It will start this afternoon and there are many unknowns that we will finally see results. Will it be presented today or will be delayed a few months the new iPhone SE ? What news will bring iOS 12 ? Anyway, we already know some interesting detail, as there will be news in the Animoji of the iPhone X, and that go through new characters and functions.

The Animojis have been a revolution, until the presentation of the Galaxy S9 those of Cupertino were the only ones that offered this function and the community of users has known how to exploit them in very varied ways. Now we know, thanks to the Youtube channel of the company, that these fun “little animals” will be one of the things that may give more than talk.

“Animoji: Taxi Driver”: a very funny karaoke

Apple uploaded a funny video to its Korean YouTube channel on May 21 and has now presented it on its international channel just before WWDC begins, so it is clear that its content will be one of the main novelties of the conference.

In this 3 minute short you can see 3 new Animoji from the iPhone X singing the song “Citizen Kane” from the Korean band HYUKOH. In particular, the leading role is carried by the Animoji “Bear Face” (bear face) while “Chicken” and “Dragon Face” make the choirs, all with a neon landscape of Hong Kong as a backdrop.

According to the latest rumors, this peculiar video could be the basis for announcing news in the Animoji of the iPhone X, as a profound renewal of the Interface and the more than possible integration of this function with FaceTime , with all that this entails when making video calls (especially since it is expected that as of today they are group).

Other developments that may come with iOS 12 would be, apart from traditional bug fixes Y performance improvements (at least for the most powerful devices):

  • Possibility for several people to participate simultaneously in augmented reality games
  • A redesign of the “do not disturb” function.
  • Changes in the iOS 12 interface.
  • New notification system
  • Implementation of the so-called “dark mode”.
  • “Always-On display” function (because Apple also copies to other companies).
  • New control center

We are sure that all these changes will be more than welcome by the Apple community, but for what we have to be preparing is to see how YouTube is flooded with videos of Apple users giving everything with the new Animojis.

Who knows, after WhatsApp support for video calls , it may be that these novelties in the Animoji of the iPhone X are the definitive push needed by this form of communication to become commonplace, especially since it will not be too long until other manufacturers include similar functions. In a few hours we will leave doubts.

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