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News from iOS 12: we can control Spotify with Siri


Whether or not Apple users like it, the possibilities of using Siri with third-party applications are very restricted in their ecosystem, because if there is something that characterizes Apple is its tight control over all its software, something that is very positive in security and optimization, but that makes Apple is behind Android in some aspects. Now it seems that Apple 12 would be willing to cut a little distance, since one of the iOS 12 news will be the one able to control Spotify with Siri.

Before throwing the bells on the fly we should know that this new function is still in a very early stage of development, and also is still quite limited.

Controlling Spotify with Siri is possible according to this video

Telling Google Assistant to play a song from our Spotify is something that Android users have been enjoying for some time, but in iOS 11 it is impossible to do. The new function of Siri shortcuts for iOS 12 could solve this, although as we will see its operation is far from perfect.

News from iOS 12: we can control Spotify with Siri

In a meeting of developers held under the WWDC 2018 the company has shown how to use the new shortcut function to invoke Spotify. To do this, add the url of a Spotify playlist as a direct access, after which, we can ask Siri to reproduce that list (see video link).

As you can see, this Siri’s integration with Spotify is much more limited that Apple has its own Apple Music application, but at least one step forward in the opening of Apple towards third-party applications.

For now not all the responsibility of the process depends on Apple, since it will be necessary that Spotify also update its application adapting it to iOS 12 for this new feature to work effectively, so it will be some time before Spotify can control with Siri. official and stable form.

We could also have multimedia controls

Despite Apple’s efforts to improve the possibilities of its assistant, it is fair to say that Android would still be ahead, since Siri will not allow us to play a specific song or artist for which we have not created a direct access, so In this aspect, the freedom of the user is less than that of Android.

News from iOS 12: we can control Spotify with Siri

News from iOS 12: we can control Spotify with Siri

Another of the novelties of iOS 12 that could arrive soon, and related to the previous one, is the possibility of having personalized multimedia controls in the device for the handling of the reproduction, something that could even be done in the background without having to remove the iPhone or iPod from the pocket.

This function would also be compatible with HomePod speakers, although yes, we must have the direct access saved on the iPhone / iPod / iPad before being able to request a HomePod that carries out a specific reproduction.

News from iOS 12: we can control Spotify with Siri

News from iOS 12: we can control Spotify with Siri

Although all these new features of iOS 12 seem to be still at a very early stage of development, we value very positively that Apple tries to improve the capabilities of its assistant, and especially to open its ecosystem a little more towards the applications of third, something that should be an essential when we talk about apps as famous, serious and widespread as Spotify.