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New York Hospital says it knew about sexual abuse of pediatricians: NPR

Dr. Reginald Archibald was a child specialist for growth and maturity. For decades he treated children too young for his…

Dr. Reginald Archibald was a child specialist for growth and maturity. For decades he treated children too young for his age at The Rockefeller University Hospital in New York. Now the hospital says that he has abused at least one of them – and possibly others.

The hospital, a respected research institution in New York, said that since 2004 it had “credible claims” against Archibald, who died in 2007, indicating that he had engaged in “some inappropriate behaviors” with his smaller patients alleged to have occurred under the doctor’s physical exam.

In a statement on October 5, the hospital said that after the first allegations – allegedly the patient &#821

1; it was addressed to authorities, including the Manhattan law firm, and employed legal counselors from Debevoise & Plimpton to investigate allegations.

The company found “some” claims credible and found that Archibald’s behavior against this patient was “likely” inappropriate.

The statement does not indicate what this behavior was, but the New York Times reports that he would “masturbate them or ask them to masturbate, sometimes to trigger.” He also thought he had bare polaroid images of them, according to the newspaper.

The 2004 survey also found two previous reports of Archibald from the 1990s.

Earlier this year another former patient of Archibalds came to the hospital with a similar report. The hospital says that again it warned the authorities and again retained Debevoise’s services.

Last month, the hospital sent letters to Archibald’s former patients and asked them to share their “experiences or concerns” with the doctor. Many of his previous patients told the hospital that they were exposed to sexual misconduct, says the statement.

The company’s 2018 survey “benefited from additional information not available in 2004” – including testimonies from other patients in Archibalds, said the hospital. This study found that several patients experienced “inappropriate” behavior at the doctor.

Following the results of his second study, the hospital reached previous patients.

On Thursday, the hospital said that it had heard from many of Dr. Archibald’s previous patients, including a speech telling us that they had been exposed to sexual misconduct.

“We’re afraid to hear these accounts,” said the hospital. “We regret deep pain and suffering caused by Dr Archibald’s previous patients.”

Archibald went to the hospital as a junior doctor in 1940 and served as a senior doctor for 32 years, from 1948 to 1980. He became a professor emeritus 1980 – since senior professor emeritus in 1987.

Although the hospital apparently claimed against Archibald for inappropriate behavior against minors credible in 2004, they did not cancel the doctor’s honors until earlier this month. In its October 5 statement, the hospital said it had revoked Archibald’s Emeritus status and scrubbed its website for references to him.

The Times Tala spoke with 17 of Archibald’s previous patients who said they perceived abuse. Most of the victims were suspected when they were as young as six and as old as 17. Some told The Times that they were only seen once; second annually for many years.

Rockefeller University Hospital said in its Thursday claim that it would set up a fund to pay for advisory services from previous Archibald patients requesting it.

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