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New Work Environment: A New Social Adventure or a New Challenge?

We’re all free to choose the people we want to deal with in our personal lives, yet it’s completely different…

We’re all free to choose the people we want to deal with in our personal lives, yet it’s completely different in the workplace, for interacting with colleagues is a must for the work to be completed properly. Still it could be really difficult for newly hired employees, especially those who care about leaving a good first impression; if you are one of those, this article is for you.

Usually, getting to know a group of people that worked together for a while is difficult, so you need to get acquainted to every person on their own, for it’s okay to say hi to your colleague waiting for the elevator, introducing yourself and having a small talk, or even asking a colleague about the work-flow or where something is, that will reduce the stress of meeting new people and will lead to building gradual relationships with your colleagues.

Don’t be one of those people who arrive to a meeting exactly on time to avoid talking to others, be there 15 minutes earlier and get to know your colleagues as they enter the meetings room one by one and if you’re worried about topics that might be of interest to them; follow up with local and global news, keep some interesting events in mind to discuss with them, yet, be careful! Stay away from controversial topics.

If you have to say a couple of words in front of a crowd or lead a presentation, all you have to do is be well prepared, practice what you will say and the possible answers you might have to give, be familiar with the hall in which you’ll do your task, that would help reduce the stress and most importantly, make sure there are no technical issues, in order not to be confused neither embarrassed. You should also choose familiar faces around the hall, so you’d maintain good and comfortable eye-contact as you take care of the task.

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