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New Villain in Arrowverse Crossover can be the key to the DCEU merger

Taking a character as big as the monitor is not an easy achievement, but LaMonica Garrett had a thing that…

Taking a character as big as the monitor is not an easy achievement, but LaMonica Garrett had a thing that calmed down the nerves. He was the first.

“What was comforting to know was that nobody ever tackled him before, no one has ever made him alive,” says Garrett to Fandom. “Usually people have the character of a challenge, and then you have to deal with the characters who played that character. Everyone who makes Joker will be compared to Heath Ledger. This will be the first time someone has breathed life in Monitor.” [19659003] Nixing Nix

Garretts Monitor is one of the core crumbs found in the highly anticipated annual Arrowverse crossover, titled “Elseworlds.” The three parties find Oliver Queen Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in a body-changing situation where they are the only two who know something is wrong. Garrett discovered that he became part of the generous DC character after a long interview process. Even after he got it, he still did not know who he would actually play in crossover.

“I still did not know who the character was,” he says. “I read dummy pages, and they do not like to publish all the information. They played it pretty close to the west.” When I got the job I came out and was like “I still do not know who I’m playing.” “

When the show runners revealed that he would play Monitor, Garrett’s previous experience of series received even more questions.

“They said [the character I’d be playing] was the monitor, and I was like,” Well, what monitor? Is it Nix Uotan, is it the modern version? “I wanted to know the angle they went. When they said it was this Monitor from Crisis, my head immediately went to Anti-Monitor, it went to Crisis on infinite lands .” [19659003] Rebel with one reason The best bad guys are those who think they are heroes.

When he prepared to be the first person to take the supervisor alive, he obviously turned to staples like Crisis of Infinite Earths as resources – but he also looked at other places to find ways to inform their character.

“I investigated some Marlon Brando, I examined some Robert De Niro, and I examined some Denzel Washington.”

All of these actors have a story that plays a little morally dubious character. Garrett said that the best bad guys are those who think they are the heroes, which is how he watched Monitor in crossover.

“He does some bad things but he does it for a bigger reason,” says Garrett. “He has a way to do things. In the pilgrim version they are quite true to it. He is not good or bad – it’s hard to classify him that way. He does some things that are a bit shady, but at the end of the crossing he sees he does everything he does. “

The screen finds something different

 Flash John Wesley Shipp John Wesley Shipps Flash.

The final dust of the monitor with Green Arrow, Flash and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) will not be his first encounter with superheroes. A teaser at the end of last week’s Supergirl and The Flash showed a devastated Earth-90 and a number of dead heroes. The only survivor is John Wesley Shipp’s 90-year-old Flash, who shares a few words with Monitor before he races – probably warning our heroes. Garrett says the monitor is quickly interested in Green Arrow, Flash and Supergirl.

“He is looking for something else, and the one who bursts the different energy for his greater purpose is what he is looking for,” said Garrett. “Earth-90 was not the first earth he had been and destroyed. In the intersection he sees something different in these heroes as he did not see in other soils, and that sparkles his energy change.”

The same interest extends not to John Deegan, a doctor at Arkham Asylum, whose Monitor is working to touch the heroes.

“John Deegan is a way to end,” says Garrett. “Every planet Earth visits, he finds his John Deegan-type person to help fulfill what needs to be done.”

Can small and large screens come together?

 elseworlds LaMonica Garrett as a display. [19659014] In the end, Garrett was so excited about the role – and why he thinks the monitor has been such a popular character over the years – are the opportunities that accompany him to emerge.

Kris is one of the greatest stories in DC history. The significance of this story, and he was a key figure in that story, has kept him high over time, says Garrett.” There are people who want to watch the television world and the expanded universe in the movies join each other. What would happen if both Flash discs were on the screen together, or that you brought in different Superman from other realities? That’s why we read comics. To see the worst situations playing live, and the monitor had something to do with it back in the 80’s, we are looking to play now. “

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