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New supercomputer to help Nukes maintain national laboratories

October 28, 2018 Business 0 Views LIVERMORE (BCN) "Sierra", described by the US Department of Energy and Lawrence Livermore National…


“Sierra”, described by the US Department of Energy and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory officials as the world’s third fastest supercomputer, will soon provide the nation with three nuclear safety laboratories with their best nuclear weapon simulations.

The massive supercomputer was released on Friday in the Lawrence Livermore lab and will do simulations not only supporting that lab but also Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore and Los Alamo’s National Laboratory in New Mexico. Its main task is to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of the United States nuclear inventory.

“This machine represents a new approach for high performance computers that enables us to deal with and respond to scientific issues beyond our reach,” said Bill Goldstein, Lawrence Livermore, in a statement. “This is a signal moment in Livermore’s history and a new milestone in our leadership in high performance computers and simulations.”

Sierra’s top performance capability is 1

25 quadrillion “floating point” operations – those that include numbers that include decimal points – per second. Such opportunities are particularly important because these laboratories are required to maintain an aging nuclear stock, “said Mike Dunning, acting chief executive of LLNL’s weapons program.

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