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New Sony Censorship Policy forces Japanese developers to censor even in Japan

A new policy from Sony Interactive Entertainment forces Japanese developers to censor games in not only Western regions but now…

A new policy from Sony Interactive Entertainment forces Japanese developers to censor games in not only Western regions but now also in their home country.

The Japanese developer lamp recently held a live broadcast (via Hachima) confirming Sony’s new and aggressive policy against sexual themes in apparently only Japanese-created games actually preventing them from releasing their latest visual novel.

The game, Silverio Trinity (pictured) is their latest visual novel opus &#821

1; and it has sexual themes in it. Developer light noted that Sony is in line with the approval process, especially with regard to sexual themes.

The developer noted that they hoped to release the game for PlayStation 4 soon after New Year, as the development of the game is complete, however, Sony has been reluctant to approve the game.

In addition, Sony confuses confusing Japanese developers to just claim their approval in English, making the process even harder for developers whose staff only speak or write in Japanese.

The developer noted if they would release the game for Windows PC (via Steam), they could release it next week.

While the western releases of Japanese games of sexual content have been censored for decades, it’s the first time we hear from a platform holder forcing Japanese developers to censor their game for release in their home country.

This new Sony policy forced the publisher PQube to cancel the Western edition of Omega Labyrinth Z and Marvelous to remove a recurring feature in their latest Senran Kagura game, ] Senran Kagura Re: Newal .

Other Japanese games have been censored for release in Japan, as well as the PlayStation 4 version of another adult visual novel. Nora, Princess and Stray Cat. While the PC, PS Vita and Switch versions were released completely uncensored, the PlayStation 4 version has giant white censorship strings over the naughty girls’ nasty pieces.

Western created games with gratuitous sexual themes such as Red Dead Redemption or Sony’s various David Cage games seem to remain outside this new policy.

How do you feel about Sony’s new aggressive policy against Japanese games with sexed anime girls? Sound off in the comments below!

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