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New photos made with the OnePlus 6 camera appear

606 The OnePlus 6 will be with us in a couple of days, and the truth is that by now…


The OnePlus 6 will be with us in a couple of days, and the truth is that by now there is little room for surprise. From the next OnePlus we already know its most important features, we have seen photos and renders to stop a freight train and OnePlus itself has allowed us to see firsthand how your camera is defended. But if you are of those who give much importance to this last aspect, here we leave you new photos made with the OnePlus 6 camera .

OnePlus knows that a couple of years ago, photography has taken a very important role that can lead to the purchase of a smartphone and having in the market titans of photography such as the Galaxy S9 Plus or the Huawei P20 pro, It is normal that OnePlus tries to get out and try to convince those anxious and undecided buyers to wait for their new flagship if they want to be able to make good pictures with their smartphone.

Photos made with the OnePlus 6 camera: mobile for travelers?

It has been the same CEO of OnePlus, Lui Zuohu (Pete Lau), who has seen fit to disseminate these new photographs through the popular Chinese social network Weibo, and although this is not the first time they have been broadcast this kind of photos , yes that is the first time that it is confirmed that they belong to the next high range of OnePlus.

If we start to analyze closely the photos taken with the OnePlus 6 camera, the truth is that the level reached is quite good, but it is also true that none of them resort to any artistic effect such as color tweaks or selective blurs and that Of the 4 photos shown, 3 of them have been taken in good light conditions, a situation where any high-end of the market is expected to defend itself with ease.

The only photo that requires more complexity is the night photo, and although it has a very good sharpness and light, as well as a very correct representation of the colors, it is appreciated certain pixelation in the gradient of the blues in the left part of the photograph, both in the sky and in the water.

We know that it is a complicated situation where the vast majority of smartphone cameras are weakening, but even so, if a company starts to boast of a camera, it must be aware of these things.

According to the information handled, the OnePlus 6 will operate a dual camera of 20MP + 16MP (like the OnePlus 5T), improved by AI and with scene detection and face recognition functions among others.

New photos made with the OnePlus 6 camera appear

For its part, in the performance section we find a screen of 6.3 inches with Full HD + resolution (18: 9), a processor Snapdragon 845 , 6 GB of RAM, a storage of 64 or 128 GB according to version and a battery with a capacity of 3,400 mAh .

New photos made with the OnePlus 6 camera appear

New photos made with the OnePlus 6 camera appear

We also know at this point the OnePlus 6 prices, which will be 519 euros for the basic version and 569 euros for the 128 GB version of storage. This smartphone will be available on May 22 and the truth is that, although significantly cheaper than the proposals of Samsung, LG or Huawei, the manufacturer continues an upward trend in prices that many of its users look with some suspicion.

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