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New options for the gesture of swiping your finger in the Gmail app


Google just launched a new update of your email app, version 8.5.20, which comes with an important novelty. And is that Gmail adds new options for the gesture of swiping your finger in the Gmail app that allow us to manage the mail more effectively. A function that arrives to complement the previous option of archive emails with the already known tactile gesture sliding towards the sides.

As if it were a coincidence, Google has just included in the Gmail email app the option to customize the tactile gestures associated with the management of mail. And we say it coincides because the big G grants in the new version of Android, Android P or Android 9, a good number of tactile gestures on the home screen.

More options for the swipe gesture in Gmail

Until today, Gmail only allowed us to archive the emails received in the Gmail tray by side scrolling. A gesture that with the last update of the application, the 8.5.20, receives a good number of new options that will complement the one of archiving.

New options for the gesture of swiping your finger in the Gmail app

Specifically, now the user can choose between the options to archive, delete, mark as read or unread, move to, postpone or none of the above. A configuration that we can assign to the tactile gesture of lateral displacement to the left or to the right.

As we have already indicated, this new configuration option is available in the last update of the app, which should already be available through the Play Store.

New options from settings

And how can we configure these new options? For this purpose, we will only have to access the settings section of the Gmail app, available on the left side. Once the side window is displayed, we choose settings, and click again on general settings. In this section we have to see a new option called Actions when sliding your finger.

In this section, as the capture shows, it will offer us the possibility of assigning the options described above to the gesture of sliding the finger to one side or the other. In this way, we will have the ability to manage mail much more quickly and effectively, such as deleting emails, marking them as read or sending them to a specific folder.