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New Moto Stereo Speaker: this is the cheapest audio mod for Moto Z

Lenovo and Motorola continue betting on the modular concept of their line of Moto Z devices. Moto Mods seem to…

Lenovo and Motorola continue betting on the modular concept of their line of Moto Z devices. Moto Mods seem to be the only accessory system that has managed to penetrate the telephone industry, and that is why they must continue to launch new bets that keep the flame alive. the Moto Mods.

Today, Motorola has presented through its official store an accessory for audio lovers on the mobile. This is the Moto Stereo Speaker, and is the Moto Mod related to the most affordable audio that we can find on the market today.

Moto Stereo Speaker red

In the same way as the rest of Moto Mods currently available in the market, the Moto Stereo Speaker is attached to the back of any of the smartphones of the Moto Z family , through the magnetic pins on the back. Once placed, the device will identify it automatically, and all audio played on the smartphone will be broadcast through the speaker. Also, since it takes power from the phone’s battery, it is not necessary to charge its battery.

On a technical level, The loudspeaker reaches a maximum volume of 80 decibels, thanks to two stereo speakers with a diameter of 28 millimeters . Both are incorporated in a plastic body with dimensions of 153 millimeters in height, 73 in width and 15 mm in thickness, and a weight of 103 grams that adds to the weight of the smartphone itself. It can be purchased in three colors: black, blue and red.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the main differential aspect of this accessory lies in its price. This is the most affordable Moto Mod audio that exists today, it only costs $ 59.99, a price well below the $ 80 that cost the audio accessories manufactured by JBL. The Moto Stereo Speaker can be purchased from today through the official brand store , and very soon an exclusive app will come to Moto Z through which you can buy any Moto Mod, including this new audio accessory.

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