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New iPad Pro, new MacBook Air, updated Mac Mini and more: What to expect from Apple's 30th event in Brooklyn

A New Version of the Apple Pencil Rumors New MacBook AirIn August, Bloomberg announced that Apple was planning to unveil…

A New Version of the Apple Pencil Rumors

New MacBook Air

In August, Bloomberg announced that Apple was planning to unveil a new “Cheap MacBook” by the end of 2018. According to sources, there will be no other modest upgrade but a dramatically refurbished laptop that features modern Apple features, but at a price that is affordable to students, schools and other budget conscious consumers.

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What We Want to See at Apple October Event


Apple has consistently updated its premium MacBook Pro series, introducing new 13-inch and 15-inch models in July. But the company has not done much with the popular, but aging MacBook Air in recent years. In fact, the computer’s $ 999 remains essentially the same device that Apple introduced in autumn 2010 but for some modest updates. The current model, released in August 2017, has a number of obsolete components, including a fifth-gen Intel Core processor (against eighth-gen competition) and LPDDR 3-memory. At the same time, Air’s revealed the 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar – fought to beat Air’s level of mainstream appeal

Map said: it’s time for a new MacBook Air.

Rumored new features include:

  • A new 13-inch design
  • New processors and other components
  • High quality Retina display
  • Possible support for Touch ID
  • ] USB C ports
  • A starting price of $ 1000 or less

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Other Mac Updates
[19659016] In addition to MacBook Air, there are some other Apple computers that are in line for an update. Among all Apple devices, no one is so late for an update as the Mac Mini, as last updated in 2014. According to rumors, we’re likely to see a new version of October 30, possibly including configurations with a more “pro” curved.



The old Mac Mini can finally get an update.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Tuesday would also be an ideal time for Apple to implement perfunctory CPU and specs upgrades to other Mac computers in the line that otherwise hold the same basic design. Do not be surprised that the iMac and 12-inch MacBook, for example, gets Intel’s eighth-generation CPU.

The Touch Bar-enabled MacBook Pros already got a fine update for 2018 and the iMac Pro is not really a year old, so do not expect them to be mentioned on the stage. And if the new MacBook Air enters the expected sweet spot for price and specifications, do not be surprised if the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro disappears when the Apple Store returns after the event.

Less likely to be seen in Brooklyn

Confidence levels for new iPad professionals and new Macs are high. What about the other long-term products in Apple’s pipeline? These products are opportunities, but we would call them long images.

AirPower Charging Plate

Apple introduced its AirPower Wireless Charging Plate in September 2017. The concept: Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously without the trouble of cables and plugs. Since the announcement, which left out some details about the price or release date (beyond “sometime in 2018”), we have not heard much about it. AirPower was referred to in some 2018 iPhone commercials but it has also been to a large extent from Apple’s website . When Apple shipped a USB-C Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch in its online store on October 19th, it became silent as if the company would not draw attention to the issue of wireless charging.

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AirPower: Apple’s Charging-All Tech


In June, Bloomberg reported that Apple was fighting with the AirPower pad but still hoped to release it in September. Of course, it does not happen. Since then, it has been found that Apple has killed the product. But Kuo reports that the company could launch AirPower at the October event, later in 2018 or early next year – possibly in a reshaped form.

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AirPods 2

We have heard that Apple develops a pair of advanced AirPods with silencer, water resistance, a wireless charging bag and handsfree support for Siri. In September, the company could have plagued the new AirPods in its event-opening Mission: Impossible video. But we have not heard much since then and there is only a small chance that the new AirPods will be featured on Tuesday.

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Apple’s next AirPods can be waterproof and ha …


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Under the leadership of 2019 and beyond

  • Apple’s rumored TV service is rumored to launch next year. The company has already promised investing $ 1 billion in the effort, hired two top TV executives to spell it and signed big-name agreements with Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan and Steven Spielberg . 19659023] In view of rollout of TVOS 12 in September, Apple is unlikely to reveal any new TVs or updates in the near future.
  • Despite the continuing rumors of a new iPhone SE it is likely that the deaths will hit the popular, diminished device, it turns out to be insufficient at the September event. Apple updated it by 2017.
  • Apple is said to be a small, cheaper HomePod. The rumors have been fixed for 2019.
  • Apple has confirmed a brand new Mac Pro and new Apple brand displays will happen, but not until 2019.
  • An Apple AR Headset ]? Maybe – but do not expect until early 2020.

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