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New iPad Pro benchmarks are very close to the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro

November 1, 2018 Technology 1 Views By William GallagherThursday, November 01, 2018, 05:09 PT (08:09 ET) Geekbench Test puts the…

Geekbench Test puts the new 1TB iPad Pro in the goal of $ 3000 15 inches MacBook Pros single core and more core speeds, which can start the conversation about Macs with ARM chips in the future.

John Ternus, Vice President of Mechanical Engineering, presents iPad Pro

Apple has claimed that its new iPad Pro models were faster than 92 percent of all laptops which was sold over the past year and now Geekbench shows that this includes 13-inch MacBook Pros and a proximity to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Geekbench compares both single and multichannel speeds using a series of benchmarking tests, and then creates a number to summarize the results. According to the first results on the Geekbench website, iPad Pro gets a single core rate of 5030.

The same test run on a MacBook Pro in mid 2018 15 inches, it had a single core figure of 5419. [19659010] Geekbench score for iPad Pro (top), MacBook Pro (bottom) “class =” lazy “data-original =” “/>

Geekbench Points for iPad Pro (Top), MacBook Pro (Bottom)

This means that iPad Pros’s only performance is 92.8 percent in MacBook Pro.

Geekbench’s score for multi-core business is but not too close. For multi-core performance, the benchmark estimates iPad Pro as 17995 and MacBook Pro as 21251. It sets the iOS device to 85.68 percent of the laptop.

It’s not clear how these tests have been performed fast or not You are authenticated by AppleInsider on Thursday morning. Geekbench dataset is public so we Can see different numbers because more people get iPad Pros.

It is obvious that this test was made with the 1TB version of iPad Pro, which comes with 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB in other models. This is also a comparison of specifications in an artificial test – the real-world speed of the two machines will be different based on the user’s workflow, but the relative performance should be the same.

What it also shows is that the relative performance between Intel processors running MacBook Pro and the ARM processor in iPad Pro. The eye-catching closed figures give importance to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s claim that Apple will move to ARM for its Macs by 2021.

This would be a significant change for Apple but it’s far from the first time the company has made such a move . Recently, it moved to Intel from PowerPC, but previously had Macen Motorola processors. It has been reasonable to expect Apple to handle another transition as smoothly as it did before, but now with these Geekbench figures, there is more reason to believe that the move would be worthwhile.

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