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New in Google Assistant: pay your friends with your voice

494 The virtual assistant Google Assistant he has just learned a new job, although it is only available in the…


The virtual assistant Google Assistant he has just learned a new job, although it is only available in the US, and is none other than the power Pay your friends by voice, saying simply: “OK Google, send XXX 20 dollars”.

And we say dollars because, although Google Pay is also in Spain for a few weeks now, the company from Mountain View points out that it is a free money transfer service that at the moment only works on the other side of the Atlantic. The good news is that if you are reading us and you happen to live there, you do not need to have an Android phone since it works in all the devices in which it is integrated Google Assistant, which also includes the Apple iPhone.

A simple phrase, so you can send money with Google Assistant

The truth is that little can be said about the system that works as simple as saying a number and the name of a contact, although both have to have a Google Pay to be able to exchange money between them. There is only an intermediate step, as you can see in the image, and it is validating the operation with our fingerprint so that there is no possibility of someone taking our mobile phone and sending money without our consent.

Now, if someone, both the one who tries to send it or the one who receives it is not registered in the service, it will be the Google Assistant himself who will notify him and guide him through the process of registering.

The recipients of the money will receive an email, SMS or a notification, this last case if they have the Google Pay application installed, and voila, the exchange of money will be made automatically and if any cost.

Can this function reach Spain in the coming weeks?

Well, the truth is that we always have to look with envy at everything that is being added in the USA. to the services of Google and other companies. Especially in this sense, when financial entities enter through the means and payment systems, it is even more complicated to quickly see these functions make the leap to our borders.

While it is not impossible, Google, and this is what strikes us, does not make the typical mention of “available in the US. and soon in other countries. ” The reason is no other than when we talk about financial services, the issue involves many more levels and processes than the purely computer – that for that we are already more than prepared -.

In our country, initiatives such as the TWYP initiative of ING Direct have already taken steps in this direction, but even being owned by a bank, it has cost them a lot to make their way. On the other hand, and this we leave for the debate Would you send money by voice to your friends? Do you think it’s safe? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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