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Little, very little remains to be known about Xiaomi Mi 8 . We already know how their lines and shapes look , the characteristics of the hardware housed in its interior r, the mobile price and until the type of GPS that will be released on the mobile . Perhaps the smallest details that remain for us to know about the mobile are the Colors of the Xiaomi Mi 8 .

We assume that the top of the range of the Chinese brand will arrive in more than two colors at stores but, for the moment, we can confirm that black and white will be two of the colors in which we can buy the Xiaomi Mi 8 . This is revealed by the promotional images of a distributor of screen protectors for the mobile phone that has revealed one of the few secrets that we had to know about the mobile phone.

New images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 in black and white colors

New images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 in black and white colors

In addition to the colors of the Xiaomi Mi 8, the images that we host in these lines allow us to take a new look at the design of the smartphone, where we find the already confirmed screen with notch and 18: 9 display format as well as the presence of a double camera in vertical arrangement housed in the upper left corner of the smartphone.

Fingerprint reader on the back

But you are images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 they would also have confirmed the type of biometric sensor that will allow users to unlock the smartphone. So far it had been rumored that the terminal would have a fingerprint sensor under the screen, something we have seen even in a supposed video of the Xiaomi Mi 8 . However, these images of the mobile, reveal that the terminal will host a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, as happens with other phones of the firm.

New images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 in black and white colors

New images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 in black and white colors

However, this would not be the only way we would have to unblock the Xiaomi Mi 8 , because the mobile could become the first Android terminal equipped with a 3D module for face recognition . This module would be formed by a infrared camera , one of the main elements of the Face ID and that helps in low light environments. In the same place we would have the classic front camera for selfies, which would be accompanied by a speaker for calls and a microphone and depth sensors and points that allow us to scan our faces quickly and efficiently.

We hope to confirm these characteristics and see the rest of Colors of the Xiaomi Mi 8 this coming May 31, date of presentation of the smartphone of the Chinese firm.