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New hot wheels Tesla Roadster toy celebrates SpaceX launched car

October 25, 2018 – Eight months after SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster in space, the sports car can now be…

October 25, 2018

– Eight months after SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster in space, the sports car can now be found 170 million miles (274 million miles) from the ground – and at local toy stores. [19659003] Mattel has released a new 1: 64-scale model of “1st Car to Path the Sun” as part of its Hot Wheels line of toy cars. A Tesla Roadster steering wheel, modified with a miniature version of the real car’s “Starman” driver, was mounted on the dash of midnight cherry electrically convertible for its journey through space.

“Greetings from space” reads the postcard backer card for the new Hot Wheels toy. The package contains a true picture of the 2008 Telsa Roadster in orbit, from a video beamed back to earth in the hours following the SpaceX’s 6th virgin launch of its Falcon Heavy heavy-lift rocket.

The blister pack also has a unique Hot Wheels logo in spacecraft package format, featuring Falcon Heavy Lifting and Tesla logo. Elon Musk, who founded both SpaceX and Tesla, chose his own Roadster for the historical test flight payload, replacing the sports car for the more typical mass simulators.

The back of the map lists statistics about the outstanding World Roadster, including its highest speed (“77,000 mph measured March 1

3, 2018″), the time it will require to complete a ball of the sun (“557 days”) and when the car will turn next time on earth (“calculated 2073”).

The days after the Falcon Heavy launch increased sales of previously released Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster cars on eBay, where the $ 1.09 toy gave up to $ 100. Eight months later, sellers still sold as much as $ 30 per piece, but They could also be found for less than the original retail price.

The new SpaceX edition of the Tesla Roadster toy uses the same body shape as the previously sold cast models, but has different wheels to better match the track. The toy version of the car has no space-controlled driver.

The true Roadster also had some extra “Easter eggs” installed, including a “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” -inspired “Do not Panic” sign-mounted over the dashboard and an internal printed circuit board that was enrolled “Made on Earth by humans “.

The release of “Greetings from Space” 2008 Tesla Roadster is on the heel of Mattel’s second toy car, Matchbox, which offers a model of NASA’s Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) at the end of August. The Matchbox Sky Busters brand has also begun to sell a scale version of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser commercial space plan.

SpaceX’s first operational Falcon Heavy launch is expected in early 2019 with an Arab satellite communications satellite in Saudi Arabia followed by a US Air Force mission. The Swedish satellite company Ovzon and California-based ViaSat have all recently announced their plans for Falcon Heavy launches between 2020 and 2022.

At the same time, Tesla Roadster, launched in February, is continuing its way through space. It is currently beyond Mars at a distance of about 1.8 AU from the sun (astronomical units, or the distance between the Earth and the sun). Or as Hot Wheels Toy’s package reads, “Really Dad.”

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