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New data on the LG G7 ThinQ: double 16 megapixel camera, AI, 3D Stickers and more

The LG G7 ThinQ is coming , and the rate of leaks continues to rise. Only a few days ago…

The LG G7 ThinQ is coming , and the rate of leaks continues to rise. Only a few days ago we received the best image to date we’ve seen the terminal, in all its different colors, and yesterday, the brand itself confirmed that we would see each other on May 2 to witness the presentation of their new flagship phone. Today, however, new data appear on the expected South Korean device.

Thanks to an exclusive from Android Headlines , today we have access to information related to some of the key aspects of LG’s new G7 ThinQ. Thanks to this data, we know more details about the photographic section of the device, as well as artificial intelligence systems that will give life to the new bet of LG for the segment of the high range.

LG G7 ThinQ, new details uncovered thanks to a filtration

LG G7 Filtration

Apparently, the information comes from one of the official technical manuals of the terminal , so the information provided should be reliable. However, it is not possible to ensure the veracity of the information exposed by Android Headlines .

Be that as it may, in the first place it specifies that, as we already knew, the G7 ThinQ will incorporate a main photographic system formed by two different sensors. Both will be 16 megapixels , and thanks to a mode called Bright Mode, the device will be able to capture higher quality images in situations where the light is extremely low, thanks to the combination of several pixels in what LG calls as Superpixel .

On the other hand, LG will equip the camera of its new terminal with different artificial intelligence systems to enhance its photographic capabilities. Among these additions, we find some of those that we already saw in the LG V30s ThinQ , like AI Cam, although we are also going to find new features like 3D stickers -Asimilar to Apple’s Animojis, or the emojis 3D of the Galaxy S9 – animated images, portrait mode in both cameras, and a new version of Graphy, a system introduced for the first time in the LG V30 , which allows you to choose between different predefined settings when capturing photographs, to adapt the parameters automatically to each situation.


Without leaving the multimedia section, we have to focus on the audio system of the new smartphone star coming from South Korea. LG would have incorporated a speaker system baptized as Boombox Speaker , which is responsible for bouncing the audio signals inside the terminal, before they are issued to the outside. In addition, the G7 ThinQ would have Far field voice recognition, which allows the user to be heard through the microphone at a greater distance than we are used to.

And precisely the new microphone is closely related to one of the most important novelties of the G7 ThinQ as is its virtual assistant. Is about an edition of Google Assistant, which has been modified by LG to incorporate specific voice commands for its new terminal, as well as a deeper integration with the system , and the ThinQ ecosystem devices. This would have been possible thanks to Google, for a few months, offers manufacturers the ability to create custom commands for their assistant.

Finally, we know that the G7 will have a screen that will debut an innovative technology called MLCD + , with a higher number of white pixels, which results in a panel with more general brightness, although much more colorful than in the case of a conventional IPS screen . This, in addition, is achieved while maintaining a reduced energy consumption. And without leaving the screen as we already knew, we should welcome the famous notch or notch at the top, which can be hidden through an option in the settings, at the cost of losing useful screen space.

The LG G7 ThinQ will be presented next May 2, at an event to be held in New York . There are very few details to discover about LG’s new flagship smartphone, although we do not rule out knowing about the device over the weeks.

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