Climate change is real and it already affects people.
Mike Berardino, IndyStar

Climate change is real and increasingly part of our daily life. New research and studies in just the last six months highlight the latest facts about the human-caused shift to our global weather and its effects on our planet.

Only among them is there no longer any question that rising temperatures and increasingly chaotic weather is the work of mankind. There is a 99.9999% chance that people are the cause of global warming, reported a February study. This means that we have reached the “gold standard” for safety, a statistical measure that is usually used in particle physics.

The mechanism is well understood and has been for decades. People burn fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas, which emit carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and other gases in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is most responsible for heating.

Studied author Benjamin Santer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, told Reuters that “The story out there that scientists do not know is the cause of climate change is wrong.” A large ice in western Antarctica melts and its collapse can raise the global sea level almost 2 meters, but it can take centuries. (Photo: AFP / Getty Images)