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New Avengers 4 Fan Theory takes the Nick Fury Idea a lot further

October 28, 2018 Entertainment 1 Views Marvel has been very keen on details for Avengers 4 which has led some…

Marvel has been very keen on details for Avengers 4 which has led some fans to get into theories of what’s happening in the movie. One theory explains that Nick Fury has known much more than he released, and that he actually knew about Thanos and The Snap years before the Infinity Stone hunt. Now, a Reddit theorist has taken a great deal further by saying that everything in MCU has been ordained as part of Doctor Strange playoffs.

A Reddit user named sfmarch07 wrote a very long and detailed theory of the Nick Fury and Iron Mans role in Avengers 4 . Built by pieces from other theories, this new wing speculation takes a deep dive in Nick Fury’s role in the overall MCU, claiming that Jackson’s character will get a vision of the future in Captain Marvel where he will see Thanos defeat the avengers and wipe out half of the universe.

By speculation, Fury will show important events, signs and all things that must happen to ensure that Avengers actually defeats Thanos in the only successful outcome that Doctor Strange predicted in Avengers: Infinity War . It is possible that Doctor Strange is the one who shows Fury this vision in the first place.

This theory is essentially an explanation of how and why things have happened in MCU as they did. It tries to explain why Fury did things like recruiting Tony Stark first and giving him his father’s box of secrets in Iron Man 2 and why he waited until last minute to call the Captain Marvel. Theoretically, it was part of a big design to eventually defeat Thanos.

The second major part of this great-scale theory is that Tony Stark has to make a big victim in Avengers 4 . It has been generally speculated that Avengers 4 will use time travel as Avengers tries to collect Infinity Stones from the past. That means they must take Soul Stone, which requires victims.

Instead of making Pepper Potts or Captain America the victim, puts the theory up Tony does something completely different: kill his parents. The guesswork says that Tony will travel back in time to infiltrate Hydra and order the battle of his parents. This would be the “hardest decision that any character must do in the entire MCU,” as the theory says, adding that it would add an extra burden to the challenged Iron Man.

The fanteories can be very fun to read, and it’s awesome to see the wild and different things that people think of. Personally, I do not think anything from this theory will happen – especially Tony-Killing-his-parents. It’s straight nuts. The Nick Fury idea is interesting, but all these films make a little of their efforts if Avengers were always strategically set up to win every battle at the end.

Will Nick Fury be revealed to be a big doll theater? We have to wait and see in Avengers 4 arriving for theaters on May 3, 2019.

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