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New 'Premium Plus' seats on sale Dec. 3 Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions Last SlideNext Slide United Airlines' new “Premium Plus” seating aimed at international travelers will go on sale Dec. 3. The seats are part of United's new international-style premium economy cabin that tries to split the difference between business class and economy. Many big international airlines have rolled out their own versions in the past decade, but US carriers have only adopted it in recent years. American's rolled out first in October 2016 followed by Delta a year later. Now, United's version – branded as Premium Plus – will go on sale Dec. 3 for flights from March 30 and beyond. United says it's expected to have its Premium Plus product on sale for 21 routes by the end of May. TODAY IN THE SKY: United Airlines will fly to Germany from hub in Denver

] seats are already flying on a number of United's new and retrofitted widebody aircraft, but the carrier has not…


seats are already flying on a number of United’s new and retrofitted widebody aircraft, but the carrier has not offered the seats for sale during the early stages of the rollout. Instead, some customers seated in United’s extra-legroom Economy Plus seats would be seated in Premium Plus when flying on planes that already had the cabin.

But now that the rollout is progressing, United is ready to start selling its Premium Plus as a distinct class of service.

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On United and other carriers that offer the international-style premium economy cabins, the seats are more than just extra legroom. Instead, they’re recliner seats that are also wider than typical coach offerings. Most carriers also extend enhanced service to international premium economy customers, offering preferences for priority boarding and check-in and higher-in-flight meal and beverage options.

For United, Premium Plus customers will sit in newly designed seats with recline and leg rest options. The seats are about 2 inches larger than standard economy seats and are arranged in a 2-3-2 layout instead of a 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 layout found in economy on United’s widebody jets that also have Premium Plus. Meal options come on custom dinnerware with flatware and a cloth napkin.

On airlines that already offer international-style premium economy cabins, fares for the seats can be as little as a few hundred dollars more than coach to about $ 1,000 extra.

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