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Netflix will be integrated into Telefónica’s platforms: you will be able to see series without spending data

Netflix will be integrated into Telefónica's platforms: you will be able to see series without spending data

The rumors were true . So they have announced Telefónica and Netflix a new alliance, which will lead the video service in streaming par excellence to the operator’s video and television platforms . It is a global agreement, which has been confirmed in theIt will cover the regions of Europe and Latin America.

Both companies have announced today this new stage of collaboration worldwide, that curiously comes to light only a few days afterthat Movistar, the operator of the company with which it is now allied, is the one that offers the slowest reproduction speeds in the whole country.

Netflix will be integrated into Telefónica platforms

The main change in the face of Telefónica’s customers as a result of this alliance will be the possibility of access all Netflix content , including exclusive series, films and documentaries through the Telefónica / Movistar platforms, both in Spain and in Latin America.

Telefónica has also confirmed that the Netflix application will be integrated into the Movistar TV set-top boxes, and it will be possible to access the service from Movistar Play, or to make the monthly payment of the Netflix subscription through the telephone bill. Another detail that is contemplated is the possibility of adding Netflix to the Movistar data plans, allowing users Watch your favorite series and movies without spending rate data.

At the moment there are details to be confirmed about this collaboration, which will be announced as the deployment and integration progress in each of the countries affected . We will keep you informed about this, but undoubtedly this is good news for all those Telefónica customers who already enjoy Netflix services, or who were thinking of doing so in the short term.