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Netflix releases its own Stories in the app for iOS and Android


The announced new function of Netflix for your app Android Y iOS It is already a reality. It comes in the form of Instagram Stories and allows you to enjoy a preview of the different contents that we can find within the streaming video service such as series and movies.

This novelty already came to light weeks ago, unleashing the fears of subscribers of the platform who sensed that these stories of Netflix they could finish consuming almost all the data of your rate monthly. However now that it is official we notice some changes and we know better its operation.

To begin with, the reproduction of the previews of Netflix It is not automatic and, just like on Instagram or Snapchat, it will only be enabled if we click on them. These previews are very similar to the Stories because the thumbnails are circular and the content is played with vertical videos, so it is not necessary to move the phone to the side to consume the content. Of course, this time Netflix stories They have a duration of 30 seconds.

“Netflix Stories”

It is true that if we click without knowledge about these ” Netflix Stories “And we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, our data consumption can be triggered. But this also happens with Instagram or Facebook stories, to give an example.

Netflix releases its own Stories in the app for iOS and Android

As for its operation, they are played as a slide show, allowing users to swipe or touch on the screen to jump to the next video without returning to the main screen. The application allows you to store these contents to see them later with a button that adds them to your playlist.

The company says that this function will help users of Netflix that access the service from the mobile to discover new content for consumption. “Years of testing have made it clear that video previews help our members navigate less and discover new content more quickly.”

At the moment the function is coming to the Netflix iOS application from today, although it is not necessary to update the application to find it. In Android there is still no trace of these ” Netflix Stories ” But those responsible for the platform say that it will soon reach mobile phones that work with Google’s operating system.