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The latest update of Netflix for Android he brought us the preview of videos in vertical arrangement in the style of Instagram Stories . Little time has passed until we have been able to see a really useful function, as it brings us the tools available in the browser and SmartTV versions to the video player.

Yes last month we received a new interface from Netflix that showed a much more practical menu located at the bottom and that allows us to access different options such as Start, Search, Coming Soon, Download and more, now the changes affect the video player itself, adding functions to change the episode or accelerate or delay the playback of the contents. To understand it at a glance, nothing better than taking a look at this image with the “before and after” of Netflix for Android .

Netflix for Android redesigns its player with new features

Netflix Before and Netflix after

News from the Netflix player

Within the Google Play Store we can find the complete list of changes that come to Netflix for Android , focusing on new tools for the reproduction of series and films

  • The new forward or backward buttons “10 seconds” make it easier to jump to the exact point you want to go to. Pro-tip: a double click on the left or on the right of the screen will take you back or forward in the video.

  • Enjoy larger controls like Play / Pause, with labels to choose episodes quickly or activate audio and subtitles.

  • Press the Next Episode button to move to the next one even faster.

In the old version of Netflix for Android the player was quite “rough”, with most options grouped to the right of the playback sale. This will change with the new version of the app, where the Play / Pause button now happens to be located in the middle of the screen, flanked by two new forward and backward buttons of 10 seconds at the ends of the screen . To rewind or advance just click on these buttons or make a double-click gesture to the left or to the right of the screen.

Netflix for Android redesigns its player with new features

Netflix for Android redesigns its player with new features

Netflix for Android also receives, finally, the new ‘Next episode’ button , which allows you to quickly jump to the next episode of any series that we are watching.

The update is already available in the Google Play Store , where you can already go to download it to enjoy all these new features