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Netflix for Android completely redesigns your video player: all the news

Netflix for Android completely redesigns your video player: all the news

Netflix for Android we are surprised today with an update in its application, focused on improving the user experience when consuming content from your mobile or tablet. For this, the company has decided -at last- completely redesign the video player integrated in the application , with a more intuitive appearance and new useful options when controlling the reproduction of our favorite series and movies.

According to comments, the news has begun to appear in the latest version of the application, available today on Google Play. In addition, Netflix has not hesitated to share an official change list with all the news that this update brings :

News in the latest version of Netflix

  • Get ready to change the way you enjoy your favorite content with our new player.
    • The new forward or backward buttons 10 seconds make it easier to jump to the exact point you want to go to. Pro-tip: a double click on the left or on the right of the screen will take you back or forward in the video.
    • Enjoy larger controls like Play / Pause, with labels to choose episodes quickly or activate audio and subtitles.
    • Press the Next Episode button to move to the next one even faster.

Surely you are interested:

Several of the new features that come to the Netflix player for Android are adopted from applications such as YouTube, such as the possibility of jump 10 seconds forward or backward through a double click on the left or right of the screen. On the other hand, undoubtedly one of the most interesting additions is the possibility of moving to the next episode with a simple button, and that is until now it would be necessary to display the full list of episodes, and select the corresponding one, or wait until the current episode finished reproducing completely. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the new buttons now “respond” to the pulsation through a vibration of the device , something that will not please everyone, but that can certainly be useful to know when we have accidentally pressed on one of them.

All the novelties are already available in the latest version of Netflix for Android , which has begun its rollout through Google Play.

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