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Netflix finally ends view. Good

Orange Is the new black 's meaning up. Netflix announced this week that the seventh season of the show, which…

Orange Is the new black ‘s meaning up. Netflix announced this week that the seventh season of the show, which will be streaming service next year, would be the last. Then there is dunzo. To many viewers this is sad new. Litchfield’s inmates have long been in the conversation. But for everyone else, and for the front of the TV broadly, it’s a process that’s too late.

It seemed quite long as if Netflix, with its seemingly bottomless coupons and attempts-any attitude, would never interrupt anything . The company is usually renewed as soon as they hit the platform; It was only expensive deadweights like The Get Down who ever saw the island. But it has recently begun to change. The streaming service just pulled the plug on Marvel Show Iron Fist after two seasons, and Everything sucks after one and comedian Michelle Wolf’s talkhow The Break after just 1

0 episodes. Netflix’s laissez-faire programming approach seems to end.

But wait! you say. It’s not like Orange Is the new black getting insecure axed. Seven seasons are long! Yes, that’s true; and compared to something like Everything sucks OITNB had more than enough time in the sun. But that’s what makes these news even more surprising: It was a popular show, and one of Netflix’s flagship original programs. It is partly responsible for binge-watching becoming one thing. Along with the news that the House of Cards will end after the season has begun to launch next month, the old guard will be gradually expanded. (Yes, HoC may end for others, Kevin Spacey-related reasons, but if The Conners has learned anything, popular TV series can survive problematic stars.) And frankly, Netflix

It is that OITNB and HoC are not affordable shows, it’s just their time has passed. Both were better during their first seasons, and in contrast to the network TV model where successful exhibitions can be slipped along their past, Netflix draws the plug. People think of the $ 8 billion budget streaming service, of which 85 percent are earmarked for original programming, as if it were a Scrooge McDuck cashout, but it’s not. And now it’s not the only major player in the streaming game, it has to train tightening. Amazon and Hulu are already spending billions on content, and Apple will probably not be too far behind when launching its original offers. Some other streaming services compete with Netflix for Emmys and Golden Globes, but Netflix’s margin is even smaller.

If the viewers will need to share with shows like Orange is the new black than one hope they will get better programming on-site. Maybe clearing up the book will leave money for the next big sci-fi show like Black Mirror or Altered Carbon . It may also be that the cash only goes to Netflix-contracted creators like Ryan Murphy ( American Horror Story American Crime Story ) and / or Shonda Rhimes ( Gray’s Anatomy Gray’s Anatomy ]), who recently reported his agreement with Netflix, makes her the “highest paid showrunner on television.”

The removal of relatively old programs can also pave the way for Netflix’s ever increasing movie efforts. The company has been bold in its print for both great performances like Bright and Oscar Hopeful as Alfons Cuarón will soon be released Rome . Netflix’s film strategy, like its television strategy, always seemed like a blend of what the algorithms suggest and what critics tend to prefer. Perhaps the company’s latest set of cancellations shows that it will ring in and focus on the content it will release. As long as space dumpers like Lovesick (née Scrotal Recall ); hi, Mudbound .

Of course, it is almost impossible to know Netflix’s plan for some; Given that even creators do not know how many people look at their exhibitions, it’s not like the company will be in front of its internal decision making. But by announcing the end of Orange is the new black the company has proved that it is not afraid to kill its darlings-a death it deserves to be forgiven for.

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