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Netflix does not work with iOS 11.4: impossible to login in the app


At the beginning of the week it was presented iOS 11.4 , the last major update of Apple’s operating system for smartphones that came loaded with news such as messages in iCloud, AirPlay 2 or HomePod speakers with stereo sound. But it seems that not everything is good in that update, since it has come accompanied by a small bug that has become very annoying for fans of the series: Netflix does not work with iOS 11.

There are already many users who have flooded Twitter and other social networks ask both Apple and Netfix itself about the problem and how to solve it, although for now the question remains in the air.

The Netflix app does not work with iOS 11.4

When users of any device with iOS 11,4 try to enter the well-known series and movie application, the device enters an endless loading buffer, asks us to try again or tells us that the email or password entered is incorrect .

In all three cases the result is the same, the Netflix app does not work with iOS 11.4 and no matter the smartphone or tablet from where we try, since it is something inherent in the update and not a combination of hardware and software.

The affected users have stated that remove or reinstall the application they do not have any effect, something that in other occasions if it manages to solve the problem, but that here only generates something more of frustration.

For its part, Netflix has announced through Twitter that they are fully aware of the problem and that they are working on a solution, recommending users that use another device to run the popular streaming application.

Netflix does not work with iOS 11.4: impossible to login in the app

With a review of the application confirmed by the company itself, it seems that the problem It should not take long to be solved . For now, it only remains to have a little patience in case you do not have a compatible device at hand or supply your seriéfilas anxieties with any of the remaining streaming platforms of the market .

As soon as there is a new version that solves this problem we will inform you about it, and if by chance you are affected users, do not forget to tell us your experience in the comments or in our forum .