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Neptune on November 25 will be again immediately. What you should do to change your life for the better - Be In Rose
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Neptune on November 25 will be again immediately. What you should do to change your life for the better

In the last days of autumn, the Neptune terminates retrograde motion. November 25, 2018, the planet will be back immediately.…

In the last days of autumn, the Neptune terminates retrograde motion.

 Almost 25 years to be pursued. Today is the time to return to next year

November 25, 2018, the planet will be back immediately. This means that landslides will let go of the veil from the eyes. Earlier months, many who lived in a parallel reality. Now it is time to come down from heaven to earth, to carry out their actions and make new plans for the future, informs UkrMedia.

How to survive the transition period?

The hardest time is the first few weeks after the conversion of Neptune. During the retrograde period many were thrown overboard. People looked at the world through lenses of suspicion, darkness, which information was perceived in a distorted way. While in illusions in captivity, it has done very stupid things. It may be battered expenses, divorce, controversy.

After November 25, the painful process begins to wake up. People will begin to realize how many mistakes they have made. Of course, this has a negative impact on the psychological state and possibly physically. But do not break yourself up. In order to better analyze the past, to learn lessons and to continue to live. Coming from years of crisis will help creativity, passion for religion, mystery.

What to do during the direct period of Neptune in Pisces?

First of all, you have to listen to yourself, according to your wishes. For a long time it was necessary to perform unusual acts, to live in a fantasy world. Now you can relax, drop all unnecessary and focus on the true goal. Neptune in Pisces protects creative individuals. To restore emotional balance, you can participate in a hobby. Perhaps someone may be passionate about becoming a profitable company.

A great time for music albums, books, exhibitions, presentations. After November 25th, the audience seemed to live. Concert halls, theaters, art galleries will be crowded. To gain recognition, get fans of fans, you must act under a direct Neptune.

The planet transforms a spiritual part of man. By the end of 201

8 you can provide information in the field of religion. Perhaps as a deep dive into faith and understanding of religious dogmas. In any event, you can take a fresh look at already-known information, get internal answers, penetrated by religious teachings.

Those who are far from traditional religions are to have self-knowledge through exercise, which is the soul. It may be meditation, yoga, psychological training, philosophical literature. Appropriate for everything that can harmonize mental conditions, to help self-development.

Neptune in Pisces and Discovering New Abilities

After November 25, 2018, many people want to change something in your life. To enable changes by developing talents. If you have a penchant for painting, literature, music, it is not necessary to hide them. Not everyone can take the big stage, paint the masterpieces to be the second or JK Rowling, but that does not mean you have to throw your talent. On the contrary, in direct Neptune is improving, spending time on their hobby.

The planet loves the mystery. If there is interest and capacity for extra sensory perception, occult sciences, is to do their study. Astrology, Tarot, numerology, runes and other exercises help to understand better not only the world but itself. By performing different methods, a person configures the connection to the subconscious mind. As a result, possible to achieve emotional balance, to understand the true desire to find your way, your destiny.

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