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NBA 2K19s Best Black Friday 2018 Deals: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

November 24, 2018 Technology 0 Views Black Friday 2018 is here and it is an ideal opportunity to take some…

Black Friday 2018 is here and it is an ideal opportunity to take some video games that you can play with family and friends throughout the season. Sports games are always a good way to pass a certain amount of time, solve existing sweeps or start new ones, and if you’re a basketball fan, the NBA 2K19 is probably something you’d like to consider – especially on sales. 19659002] Most retailers seem to have reached the same discount price for the NBA 2K19, with the game available for $ 30 at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and PlayStation Store in both the PS4 and Xbox One. One dealer goes on its own is GameStop, which will sell the game to $ 27 – but only in store (not online). You can find links to them below. The Nintendo Switch version has also seen a discount at various retailers, but the place where it is still in stock is Nintendo’s Eshop, where it goes to $ 30.

In the GameSpots NBA 2K1

9 review, Michael Higham said “core NBA 2K- the mechanics are challenging and rewarding “and that it offers a variety of game modes to enjoy. “If you want to immerse yourself in sports and culture, the NBA 2K19 has a wide range of content,” he continued. “But it also has its limitations after several years of iterations. Even if those who want to grind after all will be rewarded, the VC system will still be so exploitative. But it’s a lot of fun to have in NBA 2K19 despite its shortcomings , especially if you have a strong love for the sport.

“NBA 2K19 sets out what you can expect from the franchise: available but deep core mechanics that often work correctly and sometimes fail. In addition to that, there is a complete list of ways to enjoy the sport thanks to a rugged package of game modes.

To see more of the offers such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart have to offer, check out our full Black Friday 2018 roundup. We also find some of the remarkable discounts on televisions and other entertainment devices we’ve seen for Black Friday.

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