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NASA's Juno Spacecraft captures incredible cosmic “dolphin” in Jupiter's clouds (PHOTOS) – RT World News

So often, NASA releases pictures that are so worldly that they seem to be shaved by a painter's canvas. The…

So often, NASA releases pictures that are so worldly that they seem to be shaved by a painter’s canvas. The last move caught a “dragon’s eye” and a cosmic “dolphin” that swirls in Jupiter’s clouds.

The images were captured by Juno spacecraft which is currently colliding the largest planet of the solar system. The pictures were taken in late October when Juno performed its 16th close flight of gas giant. At that time, the ship was about 7000 kilometers above the clouds of the planet.


The pictures were snapped in Jupiter’s northern-northern tempered belt. The radar images were released by NASA and were processed by National Researchers Seán Doran and Gerald Eichstädt.

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory compares the amazing atmospheric display seen in one of the images of a dragon’s eye.


The large oval eye is actually an anti-cyclical storm, which means that winds on the outer edge of the storm blow in the opposite direction to the surrounding air mass. 19659009] Another picture captured a formation that had a striking resemblance to a dolphin swimming in the whirlwind clouds. Doran published a series of stills of the cosmic creature on Twitter this week.

Juno launched in 2011 and finally arrived at Jupiter almost five years later in July 2016. It flies over the planet seeking to discover new information about its origins, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere.

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It was due to finish its task earlier this year, but NASA extended its life to 2021. When it finally ends its mission, Juno will dive into Jupiter’s atmosphere and face a fiery end.

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