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NASA's Juno Probe has given us a stunning new picture of “Oil Painting” Storms and “Swirling Clouds” on Jupiter

NASA's Juno Spacecraft has captured a stunning new image of storms in Jupiter's northern tempered belt with white popup clouds…

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft has captured a stunning new image of storms in Jupiter’s northern tempered belt with white popup clouds and an impressionistic scene of “oil painting” storms on the planet.

Seán Doran believed that what he witnessed was dolphins that fell deep into the clouds of Jupiter’s enormous sky.

Another newly formed image of a similar storm on Jupiter was captured on September 6th, revealing what has been called a “Backspegel” image of the southern hemisphere of the planet. This special image was created this time by national researcher Gerald Eichstädt.

When the September image was taken, the Juno probe was at a distance of about 55,600 miles away from the swirling clouds, as NASA noted.

The color-enhanced image was taken at 19:13 PDT on September 6, 2018 (10:13 pm EDT) as the spacecraft performed its fifth closest airplane of Jupiter. “

The two new images in September and October have fascinated astronomers because the other Juno airfield of Jupiter has focused mainly on storms raging on the northern hemisphere of the planet.

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