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NASA's Insight is already breaking up records

December 3, 2018 Science 0 Views <img src = "×0/2018/11/27/cf73cb11-11b2-4ac5-ae7c-f7ff339aa227/croppednasa-insight-briefing-20.jpg "class =" "alt =" croppednasa insight review-20 [19659002] NASA If…

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If you do not follow NASA Insight on Twitter I do not know what to tell you. This is a joy


The tweets of the first person like this:

That makes me feel Insight is not a collection of nuts and bolts, but rather a cruel dog robot, roaming Mars eastern level, making science, promoting human knowledge and having the time of his life. Basically AIBO in Space.

But here are the interesting news so far: First and foremost, the pictures continue and, for my part, they continue to be jammed. A sharp reminder that a man-made machine is currently on Mars does things. That feeling never gets old.

Second, Insight has already broken a world record. It’s already beaten its robot buddies in its ability to absorb energy from the sun. During its first full day on Mars, Insight generated more energy than any other vehicle on Mars, which hit 4,588 watt hours below. By comparison, Curiosity met 2,806 watts and Opportunity hit 922.

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“It’s great to get our first off-world record on our very first full day on Mars,” says InSight Project Manager Tom Hoffman. “But even better than achieving more power than any mission in front of us is what it says to perform our upcoming technical tasks. The 4,588 watts we produced under the sun 1 mean that we currently have more than enough juice to carry out these tasks and proceed with our scientific mission. “

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