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NASA, Unamused by Elon Musk's Pot Smoking, to review the SpaceX contract

Was there smoke, must there be fire? After SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's puff of marijuana on the Joe Rogan Experience…

Was there smoke, must there be fire? After SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s puff of marijuana on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast this summer, NASA officials seek the flames. And no, they do not want a meeting.

NASA told Washington Post that its review of both SpaceX and Boeing, which has a contract to fly NASA astronauts, will “ensure that companies meet NASA’s workplace safety requirements, including compliance with a drug-free environment. “The post reports that several NASA officials said the reason was Musk’s public kitchen smoking.

The security review will focus on corporate culture in a series of hundreds of interviews, but there are also technical issues in play.

In October, the NASA Air Traffic Security Panel [PDF] reported that “current projected schedules for uncrypted and manned test flights for both suppliers are at high risk and seem unavailable.” blamed technical problems for delays and warned that an unrealistic schedule could pose risks to crew.

SpaceX, a $ 2.6 billion contract for carrying NASA astronauts on future missions, issued a statement saying “we take seriously the responsibility NASA has assigned us safely and reliably carries US astronauts to and from the International Space Station. “

Aerospace giant Boeing, who has a $ 4.2 billion contract under the same commercial crew program, said in a statement:” As NASA’s trusted partner since the beginning of human space flight, we share the same values ​​and are committed to continuing our confidence, openness and mission’s success. “

Both companies claim that they will launch untouched flights of their new rockets at the beginning of next year and crew fly later this year.

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