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NASA still strives for Mars Opportunity robberies

October 30, 2018 Science 2 Views NASA NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover has had a rough year. A durable dust storm…


NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover has had a rough year. A durable dust storm on Mars caused the rover to lose contact with NASA and things have been on the streets of battle ever since.

In August, NASA Opportunity, the little Mars rover as customer, gave 45 days to come back in contact . That time frame has come and gone, but NASA has once again called on not to abandon hope.

In mid-October, NASA said it was hopeful to reinforce winds to blow up the dust it believes to interfere with the potential of interference.

“A windy period on Mars &#821

1; known for Opportunities team as the” vacuum season “- occurs in the November-January timeframe and has helped clean the rover panels earlier,” NASA explained. “The team remains hopeful that some dust removal can lead to hearing from the rover during this period.”

In the two weeks since then, NASA has reviewed the strategy, it is determined that it does not give up to Rover until January 2019 at least.

“After reviewing the development of the listening campaign, NASA continues its current strategy to try to get in touch with Opportunity Rover in the foreseeable future, NASA explains in a new update. Winds can increase in the next few months at Opportunities on Mars, resulting in in that dust is blown away from the rover solar panels. The agency will re-examine the situation in the January 2019 timeframe.

NASA plans to send a new robber to March 2020, but hopes to maintain its current rowing operations in the meantime.

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