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NASA makes space even Nerdier with Gamma-Ray Constellations

October 26, 2018 Science 0 Views Everyone aboard the Magic Bastard Bus, students! We're going to hold! It's right, these…

Everyone aboard the Magic Bastard Bus, students! We’re going to hold! It’s right, these nerdy bastards like NASA have gone where every nerd has wanted to go ahead – to eat Nerdkind’s favorite things in the stars themselves in the form of constellations! From comic books to sci-fi, NASA has added a list of unofficial constellations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope . Telescope’s mission covers a variety of functions, but in relation to constellations, Fermi observes Gamma rays, invisible to the naked eye. Researchers have made new discoveries based on their findings, being able to look into the past by observing gamma rays from further afield. But what pop culture references made it to the night sky and more importantly – how do we know where they are?

The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope observes gamma rays all day and constantly sucks information for NASA to use to learn more about the universe around us.
Unfortunately, for those of us who are interested in these new constellations, gamma rays are not visible to the naked eye. But of course, NASA knew that. When their 10th anniversary for Fermi appeared, they not only mentioned pop culture references as constellations to mark new origins for the gamma rays, but they gave us a handy-dandy interactive map to accompany them. Not only does that map show constellations, but they are also clickable and let you learn why they chose that image and how it relates to the information Fermi collects.

Mount Fuji Sweden’s restored warship, Vasa sitting embedded in the bleak night sky some of the most powerful heroes of the earth and they are Roman Colosseum most recognizable science fiction icon.

One of the most recognizable numbers in Gamma-ray constellations is none other than Incredible Hulk . NASA’s page goes into detail and talks about why they chose Hulk for its constellation.
“Serbian players all know the story of Hulk the big, green angry ego of Dr. Bruce Banner whose experiment with gamma rays went very wrong. Gamma rays are the strongest form of light. They pack enough to transform into matter under the right circumstances, a transformation of both Banner and Hulk would really appreciate.
All light bears energy. Visible light gives enough energy for solar panels to transform it into electricity, and green plants use it to produce food. Higher energy ultraviolet light can give us sunburn and tan. At even higher energies, x-rays can penetrate through materials so that doctors can see broken bones and security personnel for airports to check luggage.
The oldest headlights seen by Fermi’s Large Area Telescope (LAT) have more than 6 million gigabytes regrets the energy of the blueest visible light. At the high end, LAT is designed to detect gamma rays of energy tens of millions of times larger than this.
LAT works by utilizing the gamma rays ability to transform into matter. The instrument contains heavyweight tungsten foils. When a gamma ray enters LAT, it travels through these foils until it passes near a tungsten atom. The interaction transforms the gamma ray into an electron and its antimaterial counterpart, a positron. These particles continue through LAT, which leads them to calculate the direction of the original gamma ray.

Connecting to his “friend from work” is Thor’s mythical hammer Mjolnir .

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