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NASA is called new constellations after The Incredible Hulk and Godzilla

Video screenshot of Bonnie Burton / CNET As the celebration of the 10th anniversary of NASA's Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope,…

Video screenshot of Bonnie Burton / CNET

As the celebration of the 10th anniversary of NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, NASA has appointed 21

new gamma-ray constellations.

NASA has a lot of money from the reserve when it comes to naming them.

Take “Hulk” for example, called The Incredible Hulk!

 screen shot-2018-10-22-at-1-15-00-pm [19659007] screen shot 2018/10/22-at-1-15-00-pm [19659008] NASA

Yes, that’s Incredible Hulk okay.

Here’s the matter: These constellations are not based on stars, they are based on gamma rays, as observed by the Fermi telescope. What gives total meaning when you think Bruce Banner became The Incredible Hulk as a result of gamma radiation. Genius!

“Gamma rays are the strongest form of light,” NASA explains. “They pack enough to transform into matter under the right circumstances, a conversion of both Banner and Hulk would really appreciate.”

But Hulk is not the only pop culture reference that NASA has managed to fall. There is also a gamma ray art called Mjolnir, Thors Hammers and Tardis, from Doctor Who .

They have also been named after Godzilla.

 screen shot-2018-10-22-at-1-15-11-pm [19659015] screen shot-2018/10/22-at-1-15-11-pm [19659008] NASA

“Godzilla’s brand weapon is its” heat beam “, a fiery ray,” said NASA, who has clearly spent far too much time thinking about this. “This carries at least a similar resemblance to gamma ray beams associated with black holes and neutron stars.”

Here you can check all 21 constellations together with in-depth descriptions.

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