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Nancy Pelosi pissed off, called Communist during political event in Florida

The demonstrators sang outside a building where Pelosi spoke to volunteers at a fighting event for Florida Democratic congressional candidates…

The demonstrators sang outside a building where Pelosi spoke to volunteers at a fighting event for Florida Democratic congressional candidates Donna Shalala and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell on Wednesday. (Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press)

A group of Hecklers confronted the cruel minister Nancy Pelosi during a campaign to stop for a congressional council in South Florida, curse her and call her a communist in a moment caught on video.

There was yet another event that stoked fear that the country’s bitter and emotional political environment is likely to lead to violence.

The video shows a small group of protesters banned at Pelosi (D-Calif.) And calls her a communist in English and Spanish as she walks into an event on Wednesday in Coral Gables, Fla. For Democrat Donna Shalala, which runs to fill the seat provided by the retired rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) in Miami.

“You do not belong here,” says one. “Afuera”

When Pelosi walks quietly and enters the building, people hit the door.

“Open up! These are the proud boys here,” says one who refers to the right-hand right group who was involved in a street bomb in New York this weekend.

“Socialism sucks,” others sing.

Photographs taken about the protest around the event, which appear to have been organized by Nelson Diaz, the president of the Republican Party in Miami-Dade County, according to e-mail published online by radio director Grant Stern, shows some protesters with the Proud Boys equipment.

“I do not agree with the Nancy Pelosis agenda, but this is definitely the wrong way to express these disagreements, wrote republican rep. Steve Scalise, wounded in a shooting at a Congressional Baseball Act 2017, wrote on Twitter ]. “If you want to stop her policy, do not make her hot, VOTE! That’s how we solve our differences. “

In a statement sent by spokesman Drew Hammill, Pelosi said that President Trump and Republicans would blame on cooking” infinity, intolerance and aggression. “

” It is deeply sad but not surprisingly that we now see that the ugliness is up to the head, “she said.” It’s amazing that Republicans have the trouble to call courageous survivors of sexual abuse a “mob” while encouraging and Condemns violent acts like this. Republicans must condemn this delicate and dangerous behavior and stop the ruthless and dangerous rhetoric that encourages it. “

According to the right-wing Big League Politics, the video was handled by a man previously identified in reports as the leader of the Miami chapter of the proud boys.

In an email, Diaz said he was not a member or supporter of the group

“A few days ago I had never heard of them,” he said.

The video did not seem to have traveled much on YouTube, but it was seized on the right sides as a sign of retribution. Democrats face the wake of other high-profile incidents where republicans have been confronted by protesters in places like restaurants.

“Nancy Pelosi Chipped at a Miami Restaurant by Trump Supporting Cuban Americans,” reported one.

“Nancy Pelosi called out a restaurant – off Cuban Americans in Miami “wrote another.


The protest did not take place in a restaurant. It occurred at Shalala’s headquarters where protests during an event were reported to a large extent earlier this week.

The protest had been organized because Shalala was scheduled to appear with Rep. Barbara Lee, a Progressive Democrat representing a Liberal District in Northern California

Lee had talked with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro after his death and told a newspaper reporter that “we must stop and pause and make up for his loss” and call the “very sad for the Cuban people,” according to the Miami Herald. The remark that is not good with some of the Miami Conservative communities of Cuban foreigners.

Lee’s planned visit was interrupted later, but seen as a significant political poem for Shalala. [19659026] “There is an easy rule to run for the congress in Miami: Do not fight anyone like praise Fidel Castro, wrote politikos M arc caputo “But Donna Shalala did not handle it until it was too late.”

The protests swelled to at least 40 people who “pounded on every door they could find and clamored insults in both Spanish and English such as” Nasty Pelosi & # 39; and & # 39; Bruges “, according to the Miami Herald.”

Police and Secret Service agents had locked the building for security reasons, Herald reported.

The proud boys, a group of self-proclaimed “Western chauvinists” described as an extremist group of the Southern Poverty Law Center, have been linked to the latest violence in Oregon and New York where the police are trying to seize nine people who are affiliated with

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