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Mystery glowing green fireball buzzes over Putin's top secret research laboratories kick fear Russia is testing advanced space weapons

A glowing green fireball bouncing over Russia's high-tech "scientific city" in Siberia has claimed that Vladimir Putin could develop space…

A glowing green fireball bouncing over Russia’s high-tech “scientific city” in Siberia has claimed that Vladimir Putin could develop space weapons.

The bright lightning and the stiff tail were seen by stunned motorists near the research town Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk, Russia.

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The green light may have been an asteroid coming to earth

Research institute in the area is called Vladimir Putin’s “secret weapon” in the global high-tech weapon battle.

Just six miles away is Koltsovo, home of a secret Institute Vector – stored for the planet’s most deadly diseases and viruses, including chickenpox, Ebola and Marburg. 19659002] The pictures were captured on dashcams in early morning darkness.

Some observers claimed it was an “alien attack” or a meteor that exploded in heaven.

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It appeared to be a circular tip to the glowing green fireball

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The green volcano was captured by a number of dashcams

Other proposals were Russian tests “extremely advanced weapons” or “UFOs ready to invade Ukraine”.

The state’s Russian media acknowledged that the astronomers were “confused” by the view.

Ilya Orlov, deputy director of the Big Novosibirian Planetarium, called it a “beautiful phenomenon” but could not be sure what caused it.

He said, “Most likely, this is a flash of bolide, that is, the light of the light meteor with a lightning.”

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It was no meteor shower expected at the time of glow

If that’s the case, unusual, he said.

He said, “It’s all the more surprising because there are no active meteor showers now.”

“It can be either the tail of a meteor shower or a lone meteor.”

“We need to find out .

No traces of space rock

Rospotrebnadzor / Sibirian Times

Vector – a laboratory that holds the world’s deadliest pathogens – is close to the place [19659006] There were no reports of explosions.

There are no suspicions of missile or missile tests at the time it occurred early on Tuesday.

Akademgorodok was founded by the Kremlin 1957 as a base for breaking Soviet scientists in Siberia – far from the shades of the west.

It is now home to many of Russia’s leading researchers and academics who specialize in all fields of science, including military and space development. [19659034] The area was developed by the Soviets as an incubator of the technology industry ” class=”lazyload” data-src=”{width}” data-credit=”East2west News” data-sizes=”auto” data-img=”″/>

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The area was developed by the Soviets as an incubator of the technology industry

In recent years, Vector has been involved in efforts to find cures and antidotes against murderers such as bubonic pest, anthrax, hepatitis B, HIV and cancer.

The research center holds one of only two sources of copper in the world – the other is in the United States – according to an international agreement.

This is not It’s the first time the fate of Russia’s secret weapon programs has been taken, with some claiming that he develops robotic tanks and a new generation of stealth bombs to arm the West.

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