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Mueller begins to steer together Russia's puzzle in most significant moves than

In the process, the Special Council begins to disclose the lies and confusion that people around Trump and the President…

In the process, the Special Council begins to disclose the lies and confusion that people around Trump and the President himself put up trying to conceal several inexplicable ties to the Russians in and before 2016.

He offers implicit explanations in the way of the President’s incredibly missionary relationship to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And Mueller now crosses a red line Trump, once warned, could lead him to shoot up – investigating the empire of his company.

And by sponsoring a court document describing Cohns confession and by spending his team spending 70 hours to acquire further testimony, Mueller signals that his new star witness may have more telling and there may be more grave remarks to come.

The fact is that Thursday may have been the most important day yet in the Mueller probe, which has cast a long shadow over Trump’s presidency.

The cooperation agreement can offer documents, other evidence and testimony as wool take Mueller deep into Trump’s family and personal circle.

Cohens view that he was lending to the Congress a Trump attempt to seal an agreement to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, deep into the 201

6 presidential campaign, gave rise to worrying questions Mueller has yet to answer.

In fact, it told a story about a presidential candidate involved in a trade relationship with a nation that Mueller accused of earlier allegations of carrying out “information war” against the United States to disturb the election and help bring Trump into White House.

The dramatic development came a week when it became clear that Mueller is aggressively driving another avenue in the survey – the possibility that some other Trump employees may have communicated with WikiLeaks, the site used to display Clinton campaign email stolen of Russia and used by Trump to attack the character of the democratic candidate.

“The two big picture qu estions have been – was someone who served as a link between the campaign and Russia or Wikileaks, and what stimulus did Trump have to cooperate with the Russians, and why is he kept for the Russians?” Said Jens David Ohlin, Deputy Dean of Cornell Law School.

“I think we now have potential answers to both of these issues.”

Mueller has not yet proved

Mueller has yet to prove that Trump’s business colored his approach to Russia. He has not directly contradicted Trump’s fervent denial of cooperation between his campaign and Moscow.

Furthermore, it is not known if Mueller has evidence to implicate the president in any misunderstanding or simply based on Coh’s testimony. Many legal experts doubt that he would bet on a witness like Cohen, who has agreed to lie without proof.

But there is no clear indication that Trump broke the law. And despite Thursday’s evolution, there is no sign that a political situation in Washington that still makes an impression an unlikely prospect has changed.

Trump, just after the landing in Buenos Aires for the G20, showed that the investigation was still planned despite the forthcoming conference.

“This is an illegal hoax that should be terminated immediately,” the president spoke late Thursday.

But Thursday’s development must also be seen in connection with Mueller’s work so far.

In a series of accusations, he has built a picture of a sophisticated Russian hacking operation, an attempt to infect America’s political dialogue with lies and distraction on social media and accused and convicted a number of Trump staff and counselors to lie for their investigation . [19659002] He can now try to fix that trump and those around him were well aware of Russia’s operations, despite their fierce claims that there was no collaboration.

Some observers believe that the rich details of Mueller’s legal filing are a way to paint a picture of Russian interference and behavior at Trump World, if the president finds some way to block his final final report.

There are immediate and longer-term political and legal consequences from Cohen stuck in Mueller’s camp.

His allegations, made oath and confident of a long prison sentence if he is unfaithful, violates Trump’s assurance that he has not had any business or business relations with Russia

If so, Trump has tricked on the American people.

In another harmful battle, Cohen said he was lying for political reasons.

“I made these statements consistent with Individual-1’s political message and being loyal to individual 1, Cohen said in a document filed with the court, referring to the president.

His statement generates another question that was not answered in the document. 9002] Does the president know that Cohen lied to Congress, or did he force him to do that? If he did, such a move would certainly rise to the level of abuse of power that would be included in some pretext.

The President hit Cohen as “weak” on Thursday saying he lied to Mueller to save himself a long prison after acknowledging tax and economic fraud. He made comments to reporters before he went to the G20 summit in Argentina, in an undesirable statement as seemed to show his concern.

Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani also blasted Cohen.

And he tried to scotch a question buzzed around Washingt on just after the Cohen news: Trump told another story of his hopes of building a Trump tower in Moscow in written answers to the special council than Cohen has tested, a version of events that Mueller clearly believes?

Giuliani said there was “no contradiction” between Trump’s answers to Mueller and Cohen. And he suggested that by waiting for Cohen to move until the president handed over his answers to his questions in the last few days, he could have put a trap.

Trump’s own self-defense raised another issue that could weaken his position and cause problems for his

He said he was entitled to seek business opportunities in Russia while he went to president because he might not have reached the White House and therefore would not be punished by losing the opportunity to make money.

“It would not be something wrong if I did it “I drove my business while I was promoting,” said Trump to reporters.

“It was a good chance I would not have won, in which case I would have gone back to business and why would I lose lots of opportunities?”

Trump’s comment left the impression he used his platform as a presidential candidate as a vehicle to enrich rather than serve the American people.

More worried could the possibility that he should seek positive treatment from Russia give a motivation for a change made to water down a hostile stance against Russian in the platform at the Republican National Convention.

And the fact that he lied about not having business relations with Russia after forfeiting the deal offered Moscow a leap over him when he became president and opened the possibility of a serious national security threat if he was considered a compromise.

Trump could also have undermined a possible defense path that Cohen was the main actor in the search for a Trump Tower Moscow store when he said, “I decided not to do the project so I did not.”

Some trump breeders warned against being irresponsible to jump to conclusions and questioned Coh’s credibility.

“Heaven suddenly falls because there is another talent. Who knows how this will be about Michael Cohen’s credibility,” said Jim Schultz, a former Trump White House attorney at “Cuomo Prime Time. “

The White House was fired for some kind of Cohen bombshell ever since he appeared in Washington to meet Mueller’s prosecutor earlier this month.

What must most worry them now and other people near Trump that might be involved in Russia’s organization is what he has said in consultation that has now lasted over three full days.

CNN’s Pamela Brown contributed to this report.

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